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Still here!!!

The KetchFish Band is still here and active in the local community. Just haven't been doing stuff on ReverbNation but I'll get back to it.

We're baaaaaack

As of today's successful show on the Kennebunk Plaza, The KetchFish Band is back and available to perform. It was FUN FUN FUN hanging out with our friends and playing some blues in Kennebunk!

Bacon Street Festival coming up soon!

The KetchFish Band will be performing at the 6th Annual Bacon Street Festival in Biddeford, Maine for the 6th year in a row on Aug 4th. We've got the set list just about done with a few new songs as well as many of the songs you've come to know and love over the years. More info to follow!

New Original Song Up

We just uploaded "Uncle Sam's Boys", written and sung by Elissa White, our female vocalist and featuring Bill on guitar, Leo on harp and Tom on bass.

ANNOUNCEMENT re: Kennebunk May Day Festival

I am very pleased to announce that my old friend Chris Haggerty currently of Soul Matter (and my former band mate in Bill's Fast Shoes) will be sitting in with The KetchFish Band on sax. I'm super excited about getting to play with Chris again - he's a fantastic musician and a great all around guy. Check out Soul Matter's page and don't miss this performance! http://www.reverbnation.com/soulmatter

Brightwater Blues - KFB 6th tourist season

My acoustic band, Brightwater Blues, did a live room recording session yesterday. It went very well and a half dozen songs for our demo are now in minimal post production (keepin' it real). I expect to be posting a decent acoustic version of "Deep Blues" here to replace the scratch track that's up already. I'm hoping to have the demo in hand by Wednesday so I can hit the acoustic venues in Kennebunk to see if I can't book a tie-in show for The KetchFish Band appearance earlier in the day at the May Day Festival. I hate the cold calling but you can't play if you don't book the shows. Speaking of KFB, I think this is our 6th tourist season coming up. We're booked for the Kennebunk May Day Festival and the Bacon Street Festival in Biddeford (August) again. That's a start.

I'm looking to book some area house concerts, some club dates and some private parties for both The KetchFish Band and Brightwater Blues. I'd like to have a busy, busy summer and play for as many people as possible. Whether you prefer your blues electric or acoustic, I got you covered.

Not much blogging going on here but..

The KetchFish Band is still going strong but now there is also an acoustic option available for venues and private parties, Brightwater Blues. It features Tom - guitar, bass, vocals; Leo - bass, harp; Kevin - drums (small kit); and Steve Chumsae - guitar, bass, vocals.

If a full electric band is too much for your event or venue, talk to Tom about Brightwater Blues - the acoustic blues band - now available for bookings!

Tourist Season 2011 - coming right up folks!

We've got some shows in the works on the beautiful Southern Maine Seacoast. We know what we'll be kicking the season off with and when/where we'll likely play our final outdoor show of the year. In between, lots of stuff in the works.

We'll be kicking things off, as we have for the past few years, at the Kennebunk May Day Festival on May 7th. What's different this year is that the entertainment will be scattered around town more. We will be the only band performing in Lafayette Park this year, right after the parade at 2:30PM. Rolling Thunder will be setting up at that location as will the craft vendors (really cool local artsy stuff) and BBQ Bob's food concession. We'll play 'til the crowd thins our or they shut us down basically, since there's nobody waiting to play after us.

Our last outdoor show of the year is likely to be the 9/11 Memorial Event in Freeport. This is a BIG deal, many bands. We'll be playing on Saturday September 10th, as will most of the bands. Plan on attending both days and bring your flag.

There are many other irons in the fire and we're just waiting to see how things work out before making any other announcements so keep an eye on our website, http://ketchfishband.webs.com and make sure you sign up on our email list to stay abreast of the current information.

I don't blog here much

I probably should but there's always so much going on and never enough time to deal with everything. Anyway, it'll be our third appearance at the Bacon Street Festival, Biddeford, Maine this Sunday. If you're in the area, bring your family. There's lots of food, entertainment and music on tap. I got a few more fridge magnets made to give away during our show. We go on 1PM to 3PM. Look forward to seeing you there!

The Second Season (already in progress)

This is our second season playing the beautiful Southern Maine Seacoast area. We've played a few outdoor shows, The Kennebunk May Day Festival, The Maine Shrine Lobster Bowl and The Bacon Street Festival in Biddeford, and we have one more to go this summer, The North Berwick Mill Field Festival (see our shows tab or check in on our website)

Along with those, we've had numerous private party and nightclub appearances, and have more to go. The next nightclub gig will be at Spectators in Sanford (again, check the schedule for updates).

Here's how things have gone -

The Kennebunk Show went over really well despite the Swine Flu scare that kept attendance numbers down. We made some valuable contacts that hooked us up with private parties and also were invited to appear at the Open Mike show at Spectators. We made several visits there, and will make more - great open mike. These performances led to being booked for a nightclub show there, the first of many appearances in this very cool venue we hope.

It was an honor to be asked to perform the pre-game concert at the Maine Shrine Lobster Bowl this year. We played about an hour to a very large and appreciative crowd, about 4,000 people, enjoying the sunny afternoon. The stadium PA system provided by L/A Sound was a joy to use, these guys do a great job. After the show, some of us stayed and watched one the the most exciting football games I've seen in a long time. The icing on the cake - all the proceeds went to support the Shriner Hospitals!

Just last night, we played the Bacon Street Festival in Biddeford. We used the Lakermasse stage, very nice portable stage unit, awesome of the Lakermasse folks to let us use it. Had a great time 'til the mist/drizzle started to endanger the instruments, but we got a couple good sets in. There's talk of having us play during the day next year instead of the early evening.

We're now booking for Fall/Winter and making preliminary plans for next year's tourist season. Visit our website for info. Festivals, private parties, nightclubs, corporate events, etc. We want to play for you!

The KetchFish Band
The KetchFish Band  (over 8 years ago)

Tonight! Tonight! Tonight!

Spectator's in Sanford. Big show tonight, don't miss it!