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Intifada by sonolumina is now available from symbolic insight

Intifada by sonolumina is now available from symbolic insight as 'name your price' album. https://sonolumina.bandcamp.com/album/intifada bios+a+ic and bahiya release the second album for the project sonolumina. Experimental tribal electronic rhythms mixed with numerous acoustic instruments and percussion including violin, trumpet, flute, vocals, zills, singing bowls, and shanai. Thick synth bass drops root ethereal sounds and field recordings which capture the listener to experience the INTIFADA (uprising) of power for the people. RIYL Muslimgauze, Niyaz, Dead can Dance

sonolumina releases album debut, "solar logos"

"Solar Logos" is the debut album by sonolumina created at symbolic insight studios by bios+a+ic and bahiya over a six year period. The music features a variety of source by musicians which was reworked and processed to create a new innovative sound. The core rhythms are Washington percussionists, Erik Brown and Jonathan Brummett, with Boulder, CO, bassist, Leon Arguello. Grammy award winning guitarist, Al Petteway from Asheville, NC,plays handmade banjola on "hado", and 6 year old prodigy, Terra Petteway Davis, makes her cd debut on vocals, accordion, and strings. Nine unique tracks take the listener on a journey from modern American belly dance fusion around the world to Eastern inspired IDM grooves, drawing from both current electronic trends and ancient tribal traditions. This sonolumina album marks the beginning of an innovative experimental project currently working on new material, while also developing their live multi-media performance for 2012. This limited edition pressing of 1000 cd's packaged in an eco-pack is now available exclusively from symbolic insight for immediate shipping, http://symbolicinsight.com/sonolumina/releases.htm http://www.discogs.com/sonolumina-solar-logos/release/3311001