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Updates!! - 2014

New Year! New News!

I can't tell you now.... but I WILL let you know the guys and I are working on some NEW MUSIC and it is going to BLOW your mind! I am SO excited to go in for recording...

Working as HARD as I can and as FAST as I can to get back out on the road to hang out with you guys!

I absolutely can't wait and thank you so much for all of the support you all have showed me :)

I love you so much!!

God Bless, - Christina Murphy

So far so good!

Hello everyone!

I figured I haven't updated this blog since November 2012 I better give you guys an update, and honestly I don't even know where to begin. I'd like to begin at "Thank You". Who knew that dreams really DO come true, and I owe it ALL to my family, my friends, and my supporters. We are in the month of May now and we have 4 shows booked as well as a music video on the way. "Live Faster Love Stronger" is OUT now on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify as well as Yahoo! Music and your local Hastings bookstores. I've done Meet & Greets, I've gotten to play at one of the best motocross tracks in Texas, I received an overwhelming response to my album releasing. So many of my friends and even people I didn't expect have bought a copy and supported me. My Graphic Design schooling that I'm also doing is really kicking in for my future clothing line... shhh, don't tell! ;) The name is still a secret, but I've got some GREAT designs in mind, you will love it! I am so thankful for everything that my label has done, my friends have done, my bandmates; my brother Matt especially, everyone who's voted for me at www.battleofthebands.com/christinamurphy. We are on our way to playing Warped Tour this summer with both fingers crossed!

Anyway... things have been going great so far, and I am just so SO SO SO SO SO SO thankful 3

God is so good.

Until next time! - Christina

"Live Faster Love Stronger" out SOON!

I can't believe it. I've only been waiting since January 2010 for this moment, and it's finally here! If you love bands like Blink-182, All Time Low, Avril Lavigne, or Mayday Parade as much as I do... get excited ;) My freshman album, signed with Tate Music Group and produced by the AMAZING Mike Turner is completed and on it's way to distribution. It will be out in a matter of WEEKS! I can't WAIT to see what you guys think of it :) 3, Christina Murphy