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Jacko Jacko Jacko!

The website is up - have a look at www.jackopoli.com - and Jacko is now in the process of sending out CDs for airplay and album reviews with substantial haste (did you read the Mojophneia review - it was a cracker!). The Just for You video on Youtube is getting loads of views, a few cheeky comments and quite a few likes, the Twitter and Facebook fanbases are building steadily plus Jacko is beginning to get gig requests!

Believe the hype. It's starting here!



At long last, the wait is over. Album is printed and in the post. The 'Just for You' video is edited and ready to roll. Exciting times for Jacko Poli!

Doing the groundwork...


We don't know one another, but I'm Jacko Poli, and I'm currently preparing the launch of my debut album, The Chords for No Noise.

Once the music is written, recorded, mixed and finally mastered you think, great, job done. It's taken over a year to get to this point...Now all I need to do is try and get someone to listen to it and maybe buy a copy.

And then it all really begins. Creating accounts in all the social media platforms, filling them with content, designing album covers, websites, posting updates, uploading tracks for distribution - it never ends!

Putting lots of feelers out for radio play as well. Album is currently being processed by iTunes et al for distribution, and should be another 4 weeks or so. So nearly there.

Also shooting a video for Just for You in the next few weeks. Working with a really good independent film maker, so really looking forward to it. Should be well worth a watch.

Everyone who's heard a preview of the album so far tells me they think it's a good piece of work. Maybe they're just being polite. Maybe not.

We'll see!

Ta! Jacko