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Shaman's Alchemy Released

"Shaman's Alchemy" released on November 12th . internationally. Enjoy it just before the holidays and always:)


Pre-Release of the new CD "Shaman's Alchemy" is now available through Tate Music Group at this link. http://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/book.php?w=847726012524 Hope you enjoy my finest work to date:) Paul

New Slack Key Guitar and Ukelele song

Posted a new song from my new CD "Shaman's Alchemy". I play guitar, ukelele, acoustic bass, strings and native drum. It's a combination of native american and Hawaiin. Hope you enjoy it:) Paul

FFO For Fans Only....

Those who like the atmosphere that acoustic sound can create will enjoy the new CD released "Whispers Of The Songkeepers" Music is by Singer/Songwriter,Paul Amirault ( Kindowl) and Lyricist Paulette Clemeno ( Nukah).

This CD provides the listener with rich simplistic to complex acoustic guitar, blended with with Native American Spirituality and sound, taking one on a journey to inner harmony interwoven with ancient wisdom.

"Whispers Of The Songkeepers" let's one quietly reflect, relax,unwind and and sing with it's haunting melodic creations. It's Native American lyrics are masterfully blended with wonderful new melodies that bring the listener closer to an examination truth of heart, mind and spirit. We hope that you enjoy!

Paul - Kindowl Paulette - Nukah