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Recording "Fallin' Love"

I hate rushing into the studio and figuring out parts to a new song, while paying a hefty price for studio time. This is pretty much the opposite of the ideal creative process of writing a song, performing the song live for several months to hammer out parts, then recording the song. But, we decided to finally press the EP we recorded last year and wanted to add a fifth track to round out the EP. As we have been moving in a new direction, musically, since we recorded last year's, we decided to record an older song that fits in a little bit better with the old stuff than anything we have written recently. I found a great little studio here in Park Slope and to my surprise, we were actually able to work out parts and knock the entire song out in one six-hour session. Anybody that has ever stepped into a studio knows that sessions rarely ever go that smoothly. At least they haven't in my experience. Some band member either gets lost, develops a sudden debilitating drug habit, or comes down with some kind of staph infection, or some scenario involving hitching a ride with coke-head rednecks suddenly becomes a reality. None of these things happened during this session, in fact nothing oddly notable happened at all. We worked through the kinks of learning a new song and recorded it. Hmm, things seem to running a little too smoothly in this band. Pretty sure that next time we are on the road , we will be victims of the forthcoming zombie apocalypse or something equally disastrous that would be in line with my normal experiences in my previous bands. Anyhow, the point of this rambling blog is to let you know that we are releasing a new song and finally and officially releasing our debut EP.