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We are working on new material and even some original material for our fans this month. We hope to have a new full set list really soon....plus some of the old favorites as well. If it all works out as planned, we should have some original recordings up really soon! Come see us at a venue near you!


Be on the lookout for new Ground Rattler recordings. We are also booking gigs for the spring in a hurry...so be looking for more show updates as well.


Hey everyone! Go check out our website and give us feedback on what you think...We can only do so much with it like it is, but we love ideas about how to make things better... www.thegroundrattlers.com


Hello Rattler Fans!!!! We started 2013 off with a bang and things keep looking up for The Ground Rattlers! Awesome NYE show at The Harrison Elks Lodge and another super great show at Simple Man's in Mt. Home....We also have a new website up at www.thegroundrattlers.com and you can now follow us on twitter @GroundRattlers! Stay tuned for a show near you!!! We LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Upcoming Shows

Hey Everyone! The Ground Rattlers are booking shows left and right...be ready to get crazy and jam out with the Rattlers in October!! Harvest Homecoming, Eureka Paradise, Jerseys Sports Bar and more!! We also plan to record in late September and Early October so keep your ear to the ground and get ready for good times!!!