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Life Is a Journey

Life is a journey. But to where you may ask? We were created to worship GOD. Outside of anything material, outside of our careers, outside of this life as we know it WE WERE CREATED TO WORSHIP OUR CREATOR!!! THIS IS WERE TRUE JOY IS FOUND!!!! For example a hammer is at its full potential when it's pounding or pulling nails because that is what it was created for. It's truest purpose. A hammer can also be used for other things but its true purpose is to hit the nail on the head. That's what I hope to do with my rhymes. Hit the nail on the head and hammer home the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ over these tracks. I'm far from perfect and no christian should ever claim to be, but I hope as you listen to my heart being poured out over these tracks that you not just hear a good beat, tight lyrics, but that you truly see the GRACE, MERCY, AND LOVE that GOD has shown to us by giving His only begotten son as a blood sacrifice for our sins. God loves us more than we even love ourselves and when we put our lives on hold to take notice of that....IT CAN BE LIFE CHANGING.........Saved