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Journal is an an upcoming artist with an new and unique approach to pop and rock and R&B as we know it. As journal takes these styles and mixes them together for a perfect and beautiful blend blend his songs are sure to get stuck inside of your head and heart. Journal started when he was 13 years of age, that's when he began engineering it was a cake walk lol ! No just kidding he began using programs such as Cake Walk Sonar than he moved on to Garage Band, Fruity loops, Reason, Pro-tools, Cubase, Inu-endo, and soon he will Master Melodyne. He not only engineers, but he too, writes all of his own music, lyrics and sings as well. He can also mix and master. He is a one person powerhouse ! Journal, does music because he loves it. He's not out here for fame and fortune. He truly loves the art of music., From Classical to Heavy Metal, from Rock To Jazz, from Country to Pop, From R&B To Reggae, From Rap To Jingles Journal Loves Music !