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Hey play some of our songs please

Loyal fans, we need you to play some of our music again. Many thanks. We hope to record a new Jeceris EP very soon so keep up the good work and thanks a million as usual.


East Tour under way

Hey loyal listener, Jeceris are on Tour this Wednesday and the dates are finalised for Cornwall. Please check our gig guide for details. See you down there eh? Best - Baz, Val, Cubby, & Nick. xx

Jeceris on Tour

Hi All, We are on the road in the UK at Easter, check dates. Thanks for your continued support, please keep playing our tracks it really helps. We are doing well in the charts still. Check out the new band photo on our profile page. This is the new Isle of Man line-up of members. We still have Clarky in the UK as session drums and our Sax player Jed. More news soon........

"Something We Know" - Garage Band

Review of Something We Know by Barry Nelson & Jece.. Genre: Progressive Rock 3.2 score out of 5.0

Modern Classic Rock I can hear a weird combination of influences here.. Radiohead and Guns n Roses (forgive me) in parts and U2 (one). Sounds quite classic rock with a more modern edge on it.

The playing on this track is absolutely top notch with everything in the right places and all members are perfect complimenting the vocals and lead guitar.

I think the song could be chopped down and become a hit track as it has that potential. Extra Credit: Production.

- Tapasia November 7th, 2008

Barry Nelson & Jeceris ranked 17th in ReverbNation Local Rock charts


The Hurricane is upon us!

Yes, the namesake from the song Hurricane Pauline has descended on us once again, we have not seen her for 2 years. Please give the track a listen and realise it was written about our Sis and not about the weather!

Barry Nelson & Jeceris UK Tour

Coming up .... Dates will be released soon. We have a few slots left if anybody wants to see us in their town. Email with a good venue near you.

Free Download during July!

Become a fan of Barry Nelson & Jeceris on our ReverbNation Music Page during July, and you can download "The World According to Jack" which has been quoted as The song of the Isle of Man TT Festival for 2 years running. Please join the fan club, bookmark the page and check into our site regularly as we are the fastest moving band in the rock charts at the moment in the Rock section, havi moved up 1100 placec to spot 700 out of 28000 bands in this genre. Every time you play our songs, we get feedback, rewards and move up the charts. Thank you all who have helped so far, plus new members, and enjoy the 2 free tracks. The full album can be bought on our download page. Val.

Barry Nelson & Jeceris - Cornwall Tour

We are off to Cornwall on 12th June to play Waterwhee on 14th plus other dates. Check out our music here:

Links to Barry Nelson & Jeceris Downloads

New Links from ReverbNation to Barry Nelson & Jeceris album. Thanks for your continued support. Val Geode Music