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MP3 songs going out

all southern prominent fans all those who are wanting to download your favorite southern prominent song for your mp3 or just to have so you can play all day, shoot us a message and will send you a download link.

Being A New Rising Artist

Music, performing, and entertaining are all things that come with being a new artist and you are ready to to entertain the world you have to be ready to rejected by some of the world. every good entertainer always has to make a good comeback. if you are just starting out word from southern prominent take time to find your own sound what can you bring different to the music scene. don't bring another artist's work but just revamping it to make it your own, you always wanna do songs that come from you and your heart. it's good to have musical influences because they can help determine what kind of music you want to do. so advice to new rising stars, make sure you stay grounded and always make sure you keep the world listening, because we are all human so if you know something is boring your not gonna listen to it, so your job is to keep them listening,