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Started doing little gigs here and there. Haven't as yet gotten to perform any of my own songs though :(. Hope every one has a good day, bye :P

finally!!! ( confessions of a non-blogger)

ok so this is my first #1st blog entry on reverbnation!!! * woot!! im super-excited * ok, maybe not THAT excited, just relieved that im finally doing this * wishing everyone had a prank-filled april's fools. mine was frikin awesome!!! * hoping that i'll get to meet either britney spears or the Jonas Brothers one day. I'm a total Britney fan since 1998, but the JoBros r hAwT!! P * i wanna kno wot everyone thinks about my song "insane" like seriously. it's ok if u say its insane - thats kinda the point. * i realise that im rambling about, well im not quite sure but its fun :). this is wot bloggers do, rite? * well i've had a good time, until the next time i'm incredibly bored... MUAH! lol