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Is quitting easier?

Is becoming successful worth it?

Why work so hard for what you want?

It seems like you work day in and day out, relentlessly until you exhaust all energy from your body as you fall asleep in strange places with funny faces!

What is it all REALLY for?

Is it REALLY worth it?

Well let's analyze... what if you quit, then what?

Then you just exist in a down-spiraling cycle until you reach old age or until your health deteriorates, whichever comes first! You go to work, come home and WATCH tv, or PLAY video games, or SCROLL aimlessly on your favorite website until it's time to go to sleep, only to wake up the next morning and do it all over again... day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year... but you don't have to worry about anything that way, right?

All you have to do is pay your bills, take care of your kids, spend time with your spouse and keep your house clean (well you don't HAVE to keep your house clean, but it looks better that way), right?

... just keep going to work until you retire at age 65 and live off social security for the rest of your life...

... sounds easy enough, right?

... but hold on, I got a question...

What happens when the company you work for downsizes, or goes out of business altogether, before you get to retire...? Then what?

Oh yeah, you can just get another job and stay there til you retire! Yeah, that's it!

Oh, hold on, wait...

What happens if you can't get another job?

Oh yeah, I forgot, there's always good ol' Uncle Sam... he'll take care of you! That's right!

... but wait, what if he can't... then what?

Oh, you didn't think about that?

... well that's too bad for you... as a matter of fact that's too bad for you and your spouse, and your children right...?

Oh yeah, oh yeah... that won't happen to you right?

Why not?

What if it does?

What would you do?

Where would you go?

How would you survive?

Oh, you never thought about that...?

Well from me to you, I say quitting may SEEM easier, but it is WAY less rewarding!!! Get a plan, get a team and keep working hard until you look back one day and say, I'm glad I didn't quit!!!

BUTT SHOTS & BOOB JOBS! Good or bad?

Wassup fellas! What do y'all think about a woman with fake boobs and a fake a$$?

Not to mention the hair and nails...

Would you still feel the same knowing that what you feel isn't REAL?

Are the jobs coming back?

What do you think about the job market?

Do you think the jobs will ever return to the way they were?

I think they won't... think about it... if you were the owner of a particular company and you cut 27,000 jobs... and this cut caused your profit margin to grow & the company still maintained the same level of production... now you know that once you bring the jobs back, your profit margin will decrease... what would you do?

Think about it...

Why men cheat...

Wassup ladies, and fellas (if you readin' this)...

I believe the reason men cheat is it is in our nature... think about it... we are nothing more than "sophisticated" mammals!

Observe lions for example, or any other dominant animal species... how do they operate? You always see an alpha male amongst a bunch of females... (stay with me ladies)... The reason this occurs is simple... REPRODUCTION... to ensure the longevity of the group, or bloodline, or species! ( I know I just lost a few of you, but the rest, stay with me) Think about it... a female could mess with as many males as she wants to, but she can only get pregnant by one of them (two in strange cases, but that's some 'ol freaky ish)! However, a male on the other hand... he can impregnate every female he encounters!

So let me break it down numerically... say one female messes with 10 dudes... once she gets pregnant, that's it for about 9 months... the other 9 dudes were really just for nothing as far as reproduction is concerned... but take the same numbers, but reverse the sex... so 1 dude messes with 10 females... he can impregnate all 10 of them which will increase the survival rate of the group/species... think about it!

Now, in the ladies defense... if a dude is a good for nothin' lame... this only means offspring that will not be raised properly causing unproductive members of the group/species... so every man (most of them) are not cut out to play this role (only ALPHA MALES)!!!

So fellas, if you aren't able AND willing to take care of ALL your "BABYMOMMAS" all comments on this... MEN AND WOMEN!!!

Global Unity! Good or bad?

Where do you see the state of the global community in the next few years? Are we headed to peace and unity, or chaos and epic wartime? I say we can take it in whatever direction we CHOOSE! The power really is with the people! Think about it... what oppressor can operate alone, with no people to carry out their deeds...? What are your thoughts?