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True Adult Contemporary Hip Hop.

No it's not an oxymoron. I.D.I.C. Productions is launching a new genre. TAC Hip Hop. Its a needed musical platform for a decaying genre, and social condition. It will be reflective, of real issues that are confronting people in everyday life. Look at it from a realistic prospective. Most people you know can relate too working a legal grind. Wanting too improve and upgrading their financial status. The desire too vacation on exotic lands, and places. The joy, and pit falls a romantic associations. Social economic injustices. The rhetoric that todays class of artist are promoting overall. Are false perceptions, and misconceived notions about life. Influencing the youth to join gangs instead of educational institutions. To open drug shops. But no songs about opening businesses too uplift you and community. Youth's are reflecting the understanding of a immature mind because their predecessors. Are for the most part themselves, a product of social retardation or outright profiteering. From the social decadence of their own. This has lead to the entire world having a derogatory, predetermined perception of an entire people. This stops now.

The Age Of The Music Evolution.

When good music is played regardless of genre on the same radio stations. Under the same program directive. A hot song or instrumental that expresses the human experience. The days of trying to stuff one's cultural attitudes, and mind sets into others ears regardless to, and with respect too such said differences are all but done. The microcosm of anyone's cultural attitudes will never engulf the totality of the human experience. Hey its the age of the music evolution.