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Thomas COMAS And the Absolutions

The leader Thomas COMAS, multi instrumentalist, author, composer and interpreter will be 16 years old in april 2013. Thomas was born with music deeply rooted in his mind and with a preference for the sixties and the seventies. He doesn't count the nights spent composing alone in his bedroom. His sensitiveness appears in all his compositions and his music therefore leads to inventive works. Meetings with musicians from Brazil where he lived until he was ten years old allowed him to learn the first fruits of solfeggio. At the moment he is completing his musical apprenticeship with CFPM, a professionnal school of Music in Nice. In the Dominican Republic he met Sergio Van Den Akker, guitarist and singer who instilled into him the sounds of the seventies and the fingering for the guitar. His first appearances on stage are in Las Terrenas. His dominican fans haven't forgotten him and still keep in touch on facebook. In 2012 a very famous musician, Alan REEVES, holder of several musical awards, one of them for " The Chase ", sound track of the film " Kill Bill " by TARENTINO appraised Thomas's music. He offered benevolent direction of Thomas's recordings in his own studio. The master of the first three titles has just been completed and those titles are available on the social network. After St Tropez in April 2012, the Palm Beach in Cannes in May 2012, the Mediterraneum Palace in Nice in June 2012, the village of Eze and the sea side for the Music Festival on June 21st and Monaco for the « No Finish Line », the events around this young author and composer of the group still hold lots of surprises in reserve.