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Why Subscribe?

I just canceled my subscription after really achieving nothing through this site. All the "opportunities" bore no fruit, most of the time our press kit wasn't even viewed by the venues, festivals or websites in question, waste of money.

which platform?

So every day we get asked to subscribe to something like revernation, which we are subscribed to but what do you really get from it? Has anyone out there been featured, really won a contest, gotten anything significant from reverb? We had a feature done in another platform from California and they are trying to get us to switch to them, thats like putting your money where your mouth is feature us then ask us to join versus promise us things if we join. hmmm. We have limited time energy and resources to commit to a virtual fan base, social media outlet, let me know what you think. signed shopping around for the right outlet.

Blues revival

So it seems we are in the middle of a blues resurgence. Alternative bands Stone Foxes and Black Keys are crossing over into the mainstream via blues fueled music, why now? How now? Any theories?

so you are number 1?

People fanning hoping to be fanned back at least listen to our music watch a video something. Trying to get fans that don't really like your music is meaningless.This site is pretty funny it is amusing to be fanned by someone from some little town that is listed as number 1 using poor quality home recordings and worse pictures.

Genres - Who needs them?

First question that anyone ever asks me about music is: "So, what do you do?" This question is really asking: "What genre or style of music do you play?" Social networks complicate this when they restrict the way you identify yourself. So, what's the point? Why only play one style of music? Where does a band that plays many styles fit in? What are your thoughts?