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New Album!

Hey Folks! Been a bit of a minute but happy to be back posting away sharing all the new goodies with you! After a short stint touring theaters on the East Coast supporting Irish song-man Luka Bloom, upon returning west to record with Adam Levy and crew at Boulevard Recordings, to driving across country playing music, camping, and seeing the United States, to stoppin in Nashville to write some songs, to continuing East to meet with Steve Greenberg and record a few skeletons of some songs with him, Peter Zizzo, and Michael Mangini in preparation to make a fully produced EP, to then return to Nashville with an invitation to attend the Songwriter Awards and meet and write with AJ Masters, to then meet Guthrie Trapp and Rob Matson, to then fly to Los Angeles to perform with Gibson at Namm, to then return to Nashville and given an opportunity to record live in one take at County Q Studios with Guthrie Trapp, to then drive to Austin to perform SXSW and head back to Los Angeles to master my music with Eric Boulanger (The Bakery, The Mastering Lab) and receive an offer to sign a deal with SCurve records due to their interest to release my new acoustic live in one take album Until Then ..... one can say it has been a full year and I can't wait to share the next chapter with you. Check out the new music on Itunes and say hello!!!

New Album COming Soon!

Excited to be getting ready to release a new record.....!!! More very soon

New songs so soon!

This month I am working in the studio recording some of my new songs with Eric Boulanger.

The rhythm section on this batch of tunes is Chris Chaney on bass and Jimmy Paxson on drums and I am excited.

For all of you who have been requesting recordings of the new songs at my live shows over these last few months, thank you for your patience and stay tuned.

they are almost here . . . .

~ j

MESAGE to YOU, and The Return to Europe and the UK Tour May / June 09

As I prepare for this next journey I will be taking: The Return to Europe and the UK Tour May / June 09, many things cross my mind - Tonight I watched a very touching movie called "Stranded: I've Come from a Plane That Crashed on the Mountains...." which has freshly inspired me and has reminded me of the importance of life and all that we chose do with and in it. (Soooo If you haven't seen it, get netflix and watch it, I strongly recommend it).

Yet again, I travel across the world solo, this time returning to Europe and the UK, following my heart in making this dream a reality: to tour the world while singing in it - to share music with people ... making bonding friendships across the world that last a life time ... taking 2 carry on bags that hold the minimum amount of clothes I need, my computer, my flip camera, and my instruments (a travel guitar, a mini keyboard, and a backpackable stand because until the crew of roadies, tour manager and band show up with with the directions to the larger music venues, it all must be light enough to get there myself! =).... I see of all the comforts I think I need and familiarities that I am used to, I think of my family, my friends, my viewers that I leave behind in the city I am from and in each city I visit, crossing paths with other eager singer songwriters also making efforts to perform outside of their own home towns, as my journey around the world continues... I am excited to take so little, and yet to experience so much...

From the US to Spain, France, England, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Czech, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Mexico, Israel, India, Nepal, Australia.... with Japan on the nearest horizon with visions of performing in Brazil, Cuba, China, and Africa shortly thereafter after - I ask you, where have you been? Where would you want to go? Where in the world would you want to listen to music?


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PAST TOUR VIDS "In Search of the Perfect Flat White Tour" Jenni Alpert sings in Australia PT 1 - Preparation(featuring Renny Field) PT 2 - The Arrival (featuring Clint Crighton) PT 3 - Melbourne (featuring the street musicians) PT 4 - Life, Musicians, my first Australia Gig (featuring Dave Crowe) PT 5 - Wagga, Wagga: The Country Culture n music (featuring Chris Jones) PT 6 - Sydney (featuring Julian Coryell) New Tour Vids will be up in just 5 days!!! .... New Songs and Music Videos on the horizon as well!!!

See you in the country nearest you soon! TOUR SCHEDULE LISTED BELOW!!! Who do YOU know in Europe right now who would enjoy a lil live music??? www.jennialpert.com www.myspace.com/jennialpert www.reverbnation.com/jennialpert

The Mavric Awards

NOMINATIONS Jenni Alpert All We Need Is Love SOY01 (overall song of the year) Jenni Alpert Untied SOY17 (song of the year: jazz) Jenni Alpert No Second Guesses CD01 (best mixed album) Jenni Alpert No Second Guesses CD02 (best album production) Jenni Alpert No Second Guesses CD03 (cd of the year) Jenni Alpert Tragedy VP/F (best female vocal performance)

ARTIST: Jenni Alpert Album: No Second Guesses (2008) Unsigned, Independent Release: CDBaby, Itunes, Amazon

THANKS TO: Julian Coryell (Producer of Album: No Second Guesses, excepted as noted) Jimmy Paxson (Producer of Song: 'Untied') Niko Bolas (mixing, Album: No Second Guesses) Marshall Altman (co-writer and vocal capture of song: 'Tragedy') B Fitzgerald (Executive producer) The Production Team and Musicians

ALBUM CREDITS Produced by Julian Coryell (except noted) Collaborative production Jenni Alpert Mixed by Niko Bolas Mastered by George Massenberg at Blackbird Studio Engineered by Doug Messenger and Erich Gobal Track 3 (Untied) Produced and Engineered by Jimmy Paxson Track 4 (Heaven) Produced by Jimmy Messer Track 5 (Tragedy) Vocal tracking by Marshall Altman Track 11 (Fade Away) produced by Stevie Blacke, Engineered by J.J. Blair Protools operator: Kris Hawkins Assistant Engineer: Tone Executive Producer: B Fitzgerald

MUSICIANS Julian Coryell (guitar, glockenspiel, melotron) . Jimmy Paxson (drums) . Brett Simons (bass), Edwin Livingston (bass, Untied) . Mike Valerio (bass, Heaven) . Chris Golden (bass, Fade Away) . Ben 'peels' Peeler (lap steel, guitar) . Kris Hawkins (guitar) . Jimmy Messer (guitar, Heaven) . Joel Martin (guitar, Fade Away) . Zac Rae (wurlitzer, melotron). Matt Rohde (organ) . Mike Baker (lil drum kit overdub, Release Me, Simple Mood) . Rich Mangicaro and Karma Auger (percussion) . Stevie Blacke (strings) . Zack Lodmer (clarinet) . Jim Wheeler (saxophone) . MitchManker (trumpet) . Jenni Alpert (vocals, piano, rhodes)

Special Thanks to Dave Pearlman for his state of the art microphones: http://www.pearlmanmicrophones.com and Ross Garfield / Drum Doctors.

SONG TITLES: 1. All We Need Is Love 2. Simple Mood 3. Untied 4. Heaven 5. Tragedy* 6. Breathe In 7. Release Me 8. Say it Ain't Over 9. With One Breath 10. Damage Done 11. Fade Away 12. Breakin Down 13. Something Beautiful*

© 2008 All Rights Reserved . Published by jalpertpub / ASCAP . All songs written and performed by Jenni Alpert *'Tragedy' co-written with Marshall Altman, *'Something Beautiful' co-written with Ben Peeler


THE COMPLETE NOMINEE LIST http://www.MAVRIC-Awards.com/02_nominees.html

FILM "Chasing the Green"

FILM "Chasing the Green" (featuring Jenni Alpert's songs: "All We Need is Love" and "With One Breath" won the Director's Choice Gold Award at the Park City Film Music Festival

"Chasing the Green" directed by Russ Emanuel stars Jeremy London, Ryan Hurst, and Heather McComb. This film is about young ambition in the 1990s, and the intense desire to succeed. It is also about two independent, intensely driven men unready to accept the importance of working in an interdependent world. They learn, late in the game, that when we refuse to acknowledge the demands of others more powerful, we do so at our peril.