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Album Announcement

Hey Everybody! We're releasing an album soon and we want you to know! We're in the final stages of mixing, and should have it out by the end of the year!

An AEther Update!

Man... been a while. How are ya'll doing? Cole here, drummer for AEther Kid. Wanted to update you guys on a few things:

We've been really busy getting our new material updated, arranged, sounding kick ass. This Sunday myself and Derek are going back into the studio to finish up two new recordings, and here soon after, we'll have a full EP available! We'll get ya'll updates on that as soon as they come.

Next update! We've had a lineup change since our last update! Bob "The Hog" Glass is now our bassist. His work can best be seen in various apartments around Seattle as repairs and paint jobs to the city's best and worst apartments.

Last and most important, we have a show! Tomorrow (Thursday the 15th) we're playing at the Central Ave Pub in Kent. We're not the only guys playing so pay that $5 cover, and see us and other kick ass bands!

Thanks guys. Ya'll rock.

-W. Cole Stevens Drums/Keys - AEther Kid

New music!

Check out our first four songs...more to come!