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C. Vo - From the Mo. / Blog

New Album: Chess King


To all of my Fantoms:

We are about to take over the game! The Rap game that is. However, we cannot do it without your help, which is why you are receiving this email. We need your participation in conquering the Hip Hop world, as we prepare to take the game by storm. We are excited to announce the release of our battle plan as outlined in our new sophomore album - Chess King.

This blueprint was recorded, mixed and mastered by studio engineer, Chris Longwood of Sugarhill Studios. Sugarhill is the longest continuous operating music studio in America. Beyonce, Solange, Destiny's Child, George Clinton and Paul Wall, among many other legends, have recorded there.

Additionally, several songs were recorded at Music World Studios, which is owned and operated by Matthew Knowles -- father of Beyonce and Solange Knowles. We had a great time there, recording with Niño and it shows in the quality and energy displayed on those tracks.

Conceptually, this manifesto is a strategy based on eastern combat philosophy inspired by Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kun Do fighting strategy and the game of chess, which C. Vo enjoys playing during any precious down time. This is manifested in the first single – Chess King. Mo City Phantoms is our strategy on invading one city at a time, doing work and getting out. Anyone who’s about their business can relate.

Top Gun and Game Change are a declaration of war, explaining how we attack and chop down the competition. Cyclone, like Phantoms is about coming, doing work and getting out. Puppy Love and Ghetto Bone are love songs about a down for whatever ride or die chick because, after all, every warrior needs a queen by his side in order to inspire and aide in his conquest. Lastly, All Real Everything is about enjoying the spoils of war, after all the battles have been fought and won.

In conclusion, this album shows real growth, while utilizing new and past producers and engineers, as well as new and past featured artist. The result is a bigger, better, sicker compilation and it’s available now at iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazonmp3, Google Play and many other online music stores. Physical discs are available for purchase at CD Baby. Therefore, get your copy today, study it, learn it, spread the word and let’s get ready to take over the game.

Namaste! Check and mate.

C. Vo – From the Mo. Facebook.com/cvofromthemo @cvofromthemo

3 Reasons to Stick it to the Man Today

Finally it's here! Black Ops (of Hip-Hop), my first full length CD is available in physical form, as well as MP3 version in my ReverbNation store at http://www.reverbnation.com/cvofromthemo.

Trust me; I realize you've probably seen it about a million times on the internet, on flyers and in popular magazines. Often you'll find artists swearing their album is the hottest thing since solar flares. They boast about how they're the next big thing in music only to be disappointed when you pop in the CD and discover it sounds like it was recorded in their parents’ garage by some lame, wannabe poser.

Well, with “Black Ops (of Hip-Hop)” you don't have to worry about any of those issues. Recorded on Spit Sick Records, they've ensured my music was produced by some of the sickest producers in the business. Darrell "Dizzy-D" Fields, The Hit Base and Don Coda are some of the master producers who contributed to this album. Also, if you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance you are already a fan of some of my music and a fan of indie hip-hop. If you’re still not convinced, below I’ve listed three good reasons to get the new CD today and stick it to the man.

1. Reduced Price.

For the next few days only, you can get Black Ops (of Hip-Hop), my first full length CD, for a reduced price of only $6.99. This is almost half the price of many popular rapper’s CDs at Target, Wal-Mart, or any typical Music Store in your neighborhood. You can get it in my music store at: http://www.reverbnation.com/cvofromthemo

2. Quality Production.

The sound quality of this CD was skillfully recorded, mixed and engineered at Sugarhill studios, the oldest continuous operating studio in America by “The Professor”, Chris Longwood.

The highs are crystal clear and concise and the lows are thumping and reverberate with all the big bass boom you know and love. It'll definitely rattle your trunk, wake the neighbors and crumble some concrete. Check out the kick drum in Keep Sippin' for example at http://www.reverbnation.com/cvofromthemo.

From there it was sent to Emastering, the premier mastering studio in Texas where music legends like Beyonce, Destiny's Child, Paul Wall and George Clinton have mastered their songs for years

After a lot of hard work, time and expense, Icreategfx came up with the perfect cover art, printing and graphics for the physical CD.

3. Support New Indie Artists.

Tired of hearing the same old cookie-cutter artists and imitators on the radio and being controlled by the radio instead of you controlling the radio? By supporting Indie artist, like me, you're supporting diversity in music by allowing for a vision of the music and culture outside of the corporate manufactured sound of today's music. This allows us to be creative, true to the hip-hop culture and most importantly, true to our fans and to ourselves. In this way, the power and future of the genre shifts from the corporate big wigs to you.

Lastly, the CD production and artwork is of the highest quality and if you’re reading this article right now, you are probably already a fan.

Therefore, support Indie music, support me and take charge of the rap game right now. Send a message to the big company music moguls and help end their monopoly on hip-hop today. Stick it to the man now and get my new CD at a reduced price in the C. Vo – From the Mo. Store at http://www.reverbnation.com/cvofromthemo.

Thanks and One Love,

C. Vo - From the Mo. http://spitsickrecordsllc.com @cvofromthemo Facebook.com/cvofromthemo


Once again, I would like to extend a warm and sincere thank you to all of our fans around the world for holding us down and supporting our music.

Through the use of emails, it is my intent to keep all of you informed about upcoming shows, free songs, videos, merchandize, etc.

Hopefully, for starters you received the FREE DOWNLOADS of Black Ops (of Hip-Hop) and God Swag I have posted on


If you have not, please go there and subscribe today to get our 2 most popular songs and to view the album cover for the upcoming CD.

Also, we have just completed the printing and pressing of the 8 song physical CD, "Black Ops (of Hip-Hop)" and it will be available there very soon as well.

Thanks to icreategfx.com, the artwork is very cool and we are really pleased with the results. You will also be able to get the Physical CD and MP3 Downloads at


Additionally, these songs will be available on I-Tunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Soundclick and other sites as well.

Lastly, I'm currently in the studio working on my second studio album, which I plan to release this summer, so stay tuned for updates by subscribing at


You can also follow us on twitter and facebook.

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C. Vo - From the Mo. @cvofromthemo facebook.com/cvofromthemo

These Songs are Like My Children

Well ladies and gentlemen, I have put in the hardwork and effort to put out the best songs I possibly could. I've spent hundreds of dollars, put in the hours and Black Ops and God Swag are the product of all of that effort. And to think, I thought the writing, recording and distribution was the hardest part. However, now that the songs are out, I realize the hardest part is still ahead of me. Despite all of the effort I've put in, I'm now realizing marketing is just as important, if not more so. It's a tough nut to crack, but I will rely on the quality of the work I have done to conquer all. Whether I sell 1 cd, or 1 million, I still have not lost sight of why I got into this business in the first place. I have not lost sight of what's really important. The entire reason I started making rap songs is because I love the music and I love the fact that these songs are my very own original creations. I conceived them and berthed them into this world to be enjoyed by me, my friends, family and fans. I love each one like a dad loves his own children. They are mine, they are original and they are here for the whole world to enjoy. I hope you will enjoy each one of them as I have and that they will give you as much entertainment and joy as they have given me. As for your music or other endeavors, when the chips are down, I recommend you remember why you got into this business also. Remember the love and remember that your songs are like your children. Hmmm, sounds like a new song lyric. 1 3 C. Vo - From the Mo.