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"The first band I saw was No Buffer from right here in Seattle, WA. This is a band that contradicts themselves in that their music comes across dark and foreboding, but the members constantly joke around with themselves and the audience, keeping the dark and foreboding at bay. They play a heavy dose of good ol’ fashioned punk but with some elements of heavy metal. Their drummer plays topless and beats his drums furiously, but never seems to break a sweat. No Buffer is a band to look out for. These guys have the potential to make it big outside of Seattle — the next Nirvana perhaps. Check them out before they’re playing arena shows." -Holly Homan article written on http://www.eastportlandblog.com/2012/11/15/the-legendary-misfits-crash-land-with-thunder-and-lightning-and-things-macabre-by-holly-homan/ - Holly Homan, http://www.eastportlandblog.com (Nov 15, 2012)