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Just So You Know

Just so u know, i do music in my own way just to prove im good at it... i dont believe it will take me any where other then to a new music website.. i do music for a hobby, just for fun, everything that i write is real, nothing fake nor close to it... i write wat i know and wat i feel, not just things u all want to hear and listen to... music is another life outside of the one i live normally.. i will shut u down when it comes to music but away from the mic and the pen ill treat u as a friend or just another person... ive came to far for anyone to claim anything close to me from dayton, i have not heard anyone that made me vibe to wat they record.. i do respect those who i think is somewat good but when push comes to shove i wont budge... everyone i have ever faced all said the same exact thing, that they will shut me down and embarrass me, and everyone single one of them all says nothing else to me, when it comes to them embarrassing me they did do to the fact that i was seen wasting my time on them... i have a son, almost 4 months old and its crazy knowing once i play one of my songs he knows his daddies music and he calms down, i hope when he gets older he will take on music for emself and carry the name i made for myself... better yet him make a name for himself and even more then his daddy... so just so u know i do think im better then u, until im proven wrong i will remain the grounds i stand wit my crown at hand apon this hill above everyone of u... IM BETTER THEN U JUST SO U KNOW!!!!!!