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Itialian review of album


Album reviews

Killer reviews of our album down for the mountain. http://www.heavyplanet.net/2013/04/nuclear-dogs-atomic-split-devil-to-pay.html


CD finished

Supercabra Down from the mountian, 10 tracks of facemelting guitar, done recording mixing and mastering. art 90% done. off to print and up to download within the month.

Halloween dining with Supercabra

Cinnamon rubbed pork chops with chipolte BBQ sauce and Ameretto sours.

liquid cocaine shot

1 part jager, 1 part dark rum, 1 part goldshlager and 1 part rootbeer schnapps.

Dining with SUPERCABRA 5/1

shrimp tacos with fresh made salsa grilled squash and liqiuid cocaines for the drink.

Dining with supercabra 2/21

Elk chuck tacos and red beans and cerveza, yeh I got alot of elk to use up.

dining with supercabra

dining with supercabra- this week grilled tequila lime chicken. brown rice and margaritas royal.