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moving up

got some camera lights an photography lights came in i ordered photo-shoot this week and video .i feel like things are going to change drastically positive for my future we can record songs anytime we want at a good quality do photoshoots do videos and book shows we have regular scheduled team meetings every tuesday and already we have made made vital decisions we have kicked jay r out of the group astro has left on his own. now its me ty nahlo greg spinn and spud. i got paid to shoot a music video for an artist and establishing myself has a director and editor as well now,and my name is getting out there only step left is marketing

whats up part 2

cause of his lack of consistency and how he carries himself on social networking we have spoken to him about it and he realize his mistakes but it didnt take long to fall back in to inconsistency eventually i stopped worrying about what others were doing and worried about me again and i still remembered where that got me when i did i end up learning how to edit videos and have directed and edited two of nahlos videos now i can add manager ,artists ,sound engineer , director , and editor to my resume .and we have two inhouse producers in are group the only step left is marketing and i know me and my team will get over that hill cause were doing everything independent i believe in us and continue to make progress YEATP now my boy spinn is out of prison his brother spud was working hard and got a crib in europe i planned to go over there in December once the marketing plan is done the future is looking bright thanks to god


its been a minute since i have written anything here but its cool in may i got my first show that was dope through reverbnation and me and my crew performed i really felt like a leader and it boosted my confidence since january there has been a alot of adversity my girlfriend left me due to me neglecting her my computer died around march all my songs were lost but i got a new one adversity is really something you never know what lifes going to hit you with its important to be thankful and give glory to god for giving you an opportunity after i got my new laptop it was hard for me to get back into the swing of things but with the right people around me we got it right i started to focus really alot on me and my team and started seeing results we didnt have any money to invest in us so we had to make nothing out of something i took to youtube to learn tips on perfecting my mixing and mastering and it worked i was so estatic and it really motivated us to keep pushing soon after that we got our show as i discussed earlier we did miss maybe two shows this year as a group but it was still cool more adversity came when my boy spinn got locked up and shipped back to europe and my other homie was staying at a shelter he eventually got out and moved into and rooming house .eventually he got locked up over some b.s. but he was in jail temporarily that was like mid june at that point i felt like things were crashing down again but i told myself im stonger than that and god will help me get through evenually i went into intense focus we got the cover done for the group mixtape only me and astro were on it because jay r and spinn were locked up at the time and spud (spinn twin brother ) was in europe without a studio . but i didnt let that stop me cause the show must go on!!! before they got locked up the group mixtape was done and we were working on our solo mixtapes we still didnt shoot any videos but i did have a camera all i knew how to was direct by august nobody still stepped up to get videos done i had to .i had no money to buy a video editor i then took to youtube again and learn how to get one for free and it worked! the only step left was to learn how to use it i seen how travis scott edited and directed his own videos and he raps and produces i told myself thats going to be me some day a prodigy things were a little quiet in august but soon turned intense again got another show!!! at the blue room lounge however there was confrontation in the group with me and jay r and he didnt perform i felt like he was slacking and still is in this game you must take responsibility for your actions to sum it up it was over financial investments for the group that was suppose to get done that he didnt finish im nobodies savior only god is i felt like he was expecting me to make miracles everytime he fucked up i refuse to save people from their mistakes constantly . ever since then we havent been on good terms the friendship has been mutual soon after that show i merged with jayr homies that use to go buy mbm now known as ye we grew up in the hood together but they were older then me so we never chilled on a daily basis ye consists of two producers my homies ty and greg and nahlo who is an author and rapper eventually we merged in the middle of august and to make the group what is now known as YEATP theres alot of good vibes and its funny cause im rocking with them heavy now and jayr is barely around now and all of us currently are straying away from him

first radio interview

got my first radio interview ever without a manager im learning the game on my own and it feels good im seeing results i know god will put me in the path for more you just have to have faith in him

society stressful on my brain

i will be writing and adding blogs on my journey today was a rough day it reminds me im still at the bottom everyday my family tells me to quit music and adapt to conformity i never will and continue to make progress

keep working

work work work work work