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The hunt is on...

Friends, family and fans,

It is with heavy hearts we must announce the departure of Shane from Stray Dog Strut. Due to personal, and quite frankly, understandable reasons, he has made the tough decision to leave the band which now leaves us with the rather daunting task of finding a new percussive master to join us.

Shane was a founding member of SDS before it was even the bands name. His contribution to our songs and his presence on stage at almost 100 live shows will be remembered and cherished with fondest memories.

So... yes. We are yet another friggin' Adelaide band missing a drummer. This is gonna be fun. Not. Reckon you can cut it? Know someone who can? Contact us via our Facebook page:


In the meantime, Rob and Joel have a few ideas in the pipeline. Which we're keeping under wraps for now. But we assure you that you haven't seen the last of us. We'll be back.

We'll see you all again very soon...

Dance For Science finally released!

Yes, it's true! The day has finally arrived. Dance For Science is now available to stream and purchase via our Reverbnation page (linked to Bandcamp). The EP Launch is set for December 13th at Enigma Bar with support from Devonera, Sedulous Rouse, Stoved and Priority Orange. Tickets are $15.00 through Ticketmaster. A huge thank you to all our Pozible supporters along with everyone else who has believed in us. Woof!!! \m/


By now you've realised that we have no credence when it comes to being accurate with our debut EP launch. But what we can tell you is that it is now very VERY close. Stand by, SDS history is imminent!

It's almost here!

Thanks to a successful Pozible campaign, the SDS debut EP "Dance For Science" is only just around the corner! Keep an eye out for its official release in late June!!

SDS launch Pozible Campaign

The Stray Dog Strut story is one of determination to bring the most original heavy music that we could create to our friends and fans. SDS has been in existence since around 2008 and, although we've enjoyed some success, we haven't been without our share of problems.

Unfortunately, the game of being in a band is not as lucrative as many might think. There are loads of expenses that we have to pay for out of our own pocket and a majority of that money we see very little return for apart from the praise and respect of our friends, peers and fans. So we're coming to you via Pozible to get a little help in achieving a long overdue milestone.

We're on the eve of completing our debut EP. Tracking for the debut is all but complete and we're now very close to the stage where we need to pay for the discs to be manufactured. We've also got to take into account promotion of the release so that the masses who've never heard of us can have the opportunity to enjoy our creations. Another element is the registration and creation of our official website. And finally, we also want to create a cool t-shirt that fans can proudly wear in support of our efforts.

Each person that pledges will also have their name printed in the 'Thank You' column inside the cover of the debut EP!

We aren't looking for a massive amount of money. We're only asking for $2000. Anything extra on top of that would be a bonus. If just 100 people pledged only $20 each, we'd achieve our goal. We don't think that's a huge hurdle. Time will tell! We hope that you can help! :)


Current status...

For the last couple of months Stray Dog Strut's plans have taken a back seat due to our drummers girlfriend being extremely pregnant. We're expecting the bundle of joy to be joining us very shortly (in the next couple of days) and then obviously there'll need to be a short time of getting the new addition settled in at home. But then, it's full steam ahead. We've already locked in plans to begin the recording process for our massively overdue EP, and looking at booking a few special gigs in the near future also. So stay tuned, we're gonna be back and bigger than even in not too long at all. Till then... \m/

2013 and beyond...

It's already been an eventful year for SDS and we've plenty more in store. We've successfully had one of our songs chosen and included on an Australian compilation, picked up a number of possibly big gigs in a few weeks, and then we're locking ourselves away to record and produce our highly anticipated, and long overdue debut EP. Catch us over the next month at South Coast Raw, Brickstock or Enigma, and then stay tuned for our first studio release!! Woof! \m/

Live material now available for streaming!

Stray Dog Strut played a cracker of a show at The Cavern Club in Adelaide the other week, and here's a sample of our set - we've uploaded 3 songs, and there's more to come. Check us out also on Facebook:


SDS finally hit Reverb Nation!

3 songs have now been uploaded for your listening pleasure. More to come soon! \m/