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im all about music

Who do u think is killin the rap game rite now and y


our hustle never stops we do shows and work hard on the new musicwe are about to drop for our friends and fans keep bangin our shit we love yall

Doomsday is near

thats rite for all of our fans that have been waiting for new music to drop 2013 is finally here and we have been putting together alot of new music so look out for it

face the nati0n

9 classics from album chaos theory on site now new mixtape Doomsday droppin soon and its gonna be straight fire live shows comin to a city near you

start off 2012 with a bang

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new songs up now

unitednati0ns is back wit tracks (keep it on the hush) (gangsta remix), (play your cards rite), (drop), (damn she smells so good), (rags to riches), and ( i gotta stay high) on my reverbnation page now hit em up