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Old Life With Sonja Singer on the Food Network!

Perri from "Perri's Gourmet Foods" will appear on "Down Home With The Neely's on August 12th. I'm sure they will have a lot of repeats of that episode on also. I believe she will be showing them how to make beef jerky?

An Old Friend Nominated For A Tony!

I didn't find until several hours before the Tonys were broadcast that a friend from high school, Loretta Ables Sayre was up for Best Featured Actress (that would be like "Supporting Actress" if it were an Oscar) in a Musical for her part as Bloody Mary in the new presentation of "South Pacific" on Broadway. If there was anyone I thought had supreme talent when I was in high school, it would be Loretta.

Giving A Shout Out!

I'm giving a shout out to Andrew and Janene, owners of "Gimme Gimme Pillow Toast" today. Fine purveyors of Asian !Pop! goods (pretty freaky stuff if you ask me). They've got, like, their own culture and everything over there! http://www.gimmegimmepillowtoast.com/

Fan Preference Stuff

As there are still some ppl around that still claim to like the old LWS stuff, I put up the 3 song recording studio songs and most (or all?,) of the stuff Perri and I did on an ancient 8 track just for fun. So become a fan if you want to download the old stuff!! Let me know you're there. Check out my artist recommendations. Especially this cat that sings super great who is down in Australia. I'll be getting the lyrics and such up here pretty quick. And our original singer is going to be teaching the Neelys how to make Beef Jerky in the coming weeks on the Food Channel! No wonder she doesn't have the time to record new vocals with all the gadgets I've got that I never used to have!

The Life Of "Life With Sonja"

Once upon a time, when recording time was expensive and musicians liked to get together to play music just because they could, "Life With Sonja" came into existence with some pretty good musicians. After several years though, every one went their seperate ways as the members of most bands eventually do. But Life With Sonja's main songwriter kept on pouring out the tunes, learned how to make computer music when it seemed all the musicians had either retired, forgotten how to play their instruments, fooled around with computer music themselves all day, or in one case, formed a business that took up every second of their time. He looked far and wide for singers that could and would work hard to sing music that was a tad bit too "progressive" for most of their tastes. "Never fear" he thought. "I will just keep making better and better mixes of the songs I want to have vocals on, keep putting up the new and improved versions online (with the occasional new song added just to keep it interesting), and maybe, one of these days I will find the singer(s) I have been seeking!" So that is what you see in the (so far) 42 songs I have put up here so far. I may put up a few "golden oldies" from a real band in a "real" studio, and some old home analog recordings for a fan base (should that ever materialize?). All for now Roger