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Phyre Lane & Associates ... We DO Entertainment !

Time is money. Loosely translated a person or persons cannot afford to waste time in the pursuit of a dream if there is no guidance or resources. Phyre Blaze Lane and Associates is your guide and your resource. Phyre Lane has over 20 years in entertainment alone. However, the experience pool of her company is over 100 years in entertainment acumen. We have a consulting pool of some of the best and most respected names and business in the world of entertainment. Whatever your needs, we have it covered. We DO Entertainment. 954-851-2019 winmuzic@gmail.com

Do your Paperwork......... Publishing matters

It's simple. So many artist are so busy creating they forget that this is a business. Do your paperwork. Register your songs. Complete your split sheets. If you have questions.... hit me. I have reasonable rates. I've been in this game 20 years.