NORROK News March 2013

NORROK's album Bloodstone is being brought over to Europe by some friends of ours that work for our musical inspiration Uli Jon Roth. Its been awesome to get to work a couple of Uli's shows and befriend some really cool Germans and Englishmen.

NORROK News Jan. 2013

26 New fans in 2 days, we don't know why but we like it! Rock on RN!

NORROK news 11-12

NORROK has added a new song "Darkness Falls" featuring Joe Hanisko on lead vocals

NORROK News Aug. 2012

NORROK site at reverberation.com now configured for mobile users

NORROK News April 2012

Entertaining Nashville, TN this week! Played at Tootsie's Saturday Night down on Lower Broadway - it was crazy!!! Spring Break "down south" and the Predators are in the playoffs

NORROK News Feb. 2012

NORROK on TV ! Colorado Rock Music Show spent the evening filming spots at Jammin' Joes in Arvada, Colorado. They show NORROK in the show's intro and segues.

NORROK News Jan. 2012

Wow!!! NORROK rocked the Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver tonight. The crowd was incredible- chanting "NORROK" enthusiastically. We reunited much of the "NORROK family" on this one. Brendon Speas on Drums, Brad Sumpter on guitar and Brett Bryant on Keys / Bass. Singing some new and classic NORROK tunes with the help of teenage fanclubbers, members of Sons of Benjamin & Gunnar, lovely ladies of domestic and Swedish descent and tons of rockers. A great time was had by all. The set-list included "Pompeii", "Lost Time" and "Treasured Falls". Thank You to Brian at Gorilla Productions in Cleveland and to our awesome mile high city. cheers!

NORROK News Jan. 2012

Gigging this Weekend! All Ages - Sunday Matinee performance at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom 4pm. $8 tickets available through NORROK at (615)356-7890 or NORROK's Facebook page

NORROK News Jan. 2012

Congrats to Meghan T. - NORROK's 100th fan she wins a free ticket to the NORROK show 1-29-12 at the Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver !!!

NORROK News Jan. 2012

Here's to a prosperous and memorable 2012 !!! NORROK has put the finishing touches on a few new songs that will be available soon. The latest upload is our arrangement of a J. S. Bach composition, "Air" from Orchestral Suite 3. Happy New Year!