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Bio: Leo Goes Grr started with Anthony DiFabio and Jeff Smith in 2008 when the boys wanted to take their acoustic sound from DiFabio's acoustic project "Costella" and make it something more intricate and bigger. In the winter of 2008, DiFabio, Smith, and bassist William Chesher started writing music and playing shows centered around songs about literature, history, love, and culture. Chesher left the band in the spring of 2009 while Joseph Langer came aboard to play bass.

The summer of 2009 produced for LGG a 6 track EP entitled, "We'll Come Back For You" recorded at "The Martinie Lounge" in Nashville, Tennessee by music engineer/producer Daniel Martinie.

Realizing that they needed another set of hands to fill some empty space, LGG welcomed guitarist Clark Townsend to the mix. The EP was released in Fall of 2009 and allowed LGG to play shows locally in Oklahoma opening for various bands such as The Rocketboys, Lovedrug, Hacienda, The NON, and others. While playing and winning a Battle of the Bands, LGG continued to write music and in the summer of 2010, the band recorded their first 12 track LP entitled "Almost Fiction".

"Almost Fiction" was recorded in Edmond, Oklahoma, again by Daniel Martinie from the "Martinie Lounge". The record features additional vocals and instrumentation by Jack Knight, Madison Odor, and Matt Taylor. "Almost Fiction" was released in December 2010.

In 2012, Leo Goes Grr finished working on their third album, "LOUD LOVE." Loud Love was recording at different locations and done all by band members themselves. The album has a different feel and vibe than "Almost Fiction" as it was based as an experimental album. After the album was finished guitarist Clark Townsend and bass player Joe Langer decided to pursue other playing opportunities. With their departure LGG decided to bring on Andrew Tucker and John McCall to fill their spots.