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New CD & Tour

Robert Dey is currently recording a new CD slated for release in summer 2014 followed by a supporting tour of the CD. Be one of the first to hear his latest cuts in a pre-release promo coming out soon!

Click and Vote!

I have entered a Joe Bonamassa Blues Masters contest and COULD USE YOUR VOTES simply by clicking the link and clicking on my contest video, if you have time I would really appreciate the votes! Here is the link http://bluesmasters.yoov.io/channels/All+Dey+Blues

Taking Blues Rock Up A Notch

The Blues.... Rock... Jaming... mix those three ingredients with a lively crowd of people who want to feel some energy in their bones and you have the making of a successful Blues Rock Jam Band.

Cover tunes or Blues Rock Jaming? Which do you prefer? Listening to the same old and new rock tunes that you constantly hear on the radio is great... if your listening to the radio... but when a person goes out after a long hard week of work and wants to "get their jam on..." well their is no other way than to choose to go to a place that has a high energy Blues Rock Jam band.... this person needs something different. Think about it, this person has 40 hours+ of work, doing the same thing day in and day out, and then when he or she gets in their car to go home from the grind they go through the same routine, turn on the radio and hear... the same songs over and over, it's another grind. So they leave one grind, work, to go home listening to another grind, the radio. Then why would this person want to go to a bar or club and listen to the same..."grind"? they wouldn't. I bet you ten to one that if this "grind" person could leave a club that had a great high energy Blues Rock Jam band they would feel energized and have great stories to tell their friends. So all you players out there, let's take our grinding public up another notch!