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Rob Mazurek / Blog

Have a Happy Easter !!

Have a Happy Easter ! First I want to Thank those of you who took the time to write me and compliment me on my music - your comments are very much appreciated Would like to wish all of you a very Happy Easter as you get together with family this weekend and celebrate the Easter holiday.

Rob Mazurek Music .Com

Hey guys just a quick note that some of you may be unaware of my other website - www.robmazurekmusic.com - The site is operational -but technically still under re-construction as ive been really busy doing other things (Multitasking as always..lol) .. but hope to have it a bit more updated and organized over the next few weeks

Indie Artists and the Essentials of Promotiom

If you're a musician - You know the importance of not only creating great Tracks - but once the album is done - the impotance of promoting You're new album or song . I'll never forget that feeling when promoting my first album - there is so real way to describe that feeling of seeing your work on websites like Guitar world, Guitar player, Rolling Stone , MTV ,VH1 , TMZ , and countless other mainstream music websites alongside major artists in the Biz . The feedback from fans is also a really awesome feeling as well - This is why I always encourage new artists maybe just putting out their first album to remain confident as many believe indies have no hopes of competeing with the major players in the music industry and although this may be true in some cases - the playing field over the years has been levelled quite a bit - whereas the majors now look to indie artists to sign New Talent to labels ....whether you wish to make that transition is a personal choice and major committment - either way - whether you go to the majors or decide to remain indie ....you are your own best promotional Tool - having good business skills these days is just as important to artists as being able to create the music itself ! ....Just my two cents I wanted to pass along ! ....Have a Great week !

Added my Music to Zvooq-Russia,Ukraine, etc

Another Global store added- Hello to Foreign fans ! Zvooq is the leading music streaming service in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Zvooq has been the first store to introduce a full-fledged "freemium" model, meaning that free users have unlimited access to the whole catalogue even on mobile. Zvooq makes an emphasis on playlists corresponding to various occasions or moods — both editorial and user-generated. Zvooq Territories (Where Music Sells) Zvooq is available in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

Sorry Guys -Lagging way behind in responses.

Hey Want to apologize to the fans and fellow musicians alike - Ive been really busy lately multitasking daily and trying to keep up with a variety of things at once - so im way behind in responding to mails ,comments, and have been too busy to check out fellow musicians pages ...but I will slowly try to get around to catching up on some things a bit at a time - . I hope you're all having a Great Week so far !!!

Cadillac Rambler

I threw this track together because Ive been a huge fan of a lot of Rock Groups growing up and one of them was always the Rolling Stones - so I loosely based this tune on a Stones /Keith Richards type Rythym Vibe and I overdubbed it with some light slide guitar work just to give it a slightly more bluesly laid back feel to it. Hope you enjoy the stream sample here.

Where Can you Find my Music ?

More Music Stores added - Hey guys, Ive recently again partnered with a few more music distributors to distribute my albums - The latest besides "Play Me" which I posted a blog about yesterday - is the following : - Neurotica : - Neurotic Media is a white-label digital distribution platform that empowers businesses to create custom storefronts to promote their own branded digital content so consumers can download or stream digital media anywhere, across multiple platforms and devices. Nerotic Media currently powers over 20 retail partners and also has its own storefront, Amplified, with an online site and a mobile site. Neurotic Media Retail Clients include the following: Arena, CD Universe, EDIA, FreeAllMedia, Hastings, The Idea Den, iOldies, Jpay, Kaiser Permanente Incentives, Media Tree (True Trax), Qwyek, Reyka Vodka, Telmate, Walmart, Wells fargo (MediaTree), and Wells Fargo (DMI) Neurotic Media Mobile Carriers include the following: Inland Cellular, Plateau Wireless, and Viaero Neurotic Media In-House Sites include the following: AMA Atlanta Music Rewards, Amplified, and Amplified Rewards ................................................................................................... The Next corporation is "Claro-Musica" : - Claromúsica is a digital music service for America Móvil Group available in 16 countries, which allows users to stream songs "on" and "offline" through monthly/weekly streaming subcription plans and downloads through monthly/weekly download plans or a la carte downloads. Claromúsica Territories (Where Music Sells) Claromúsica is available in Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay. Other North American/International Markets you can find my Music on I-Tunes ,Amazon, You-Tube Music Key,Google Play,Spotify,RDIO,Deezer,X-Box Music, Rhapsoy,E-Music,Simpfy,I-Heart Radio, MixRadio,Vervelife,Wimp,Sony Music Unlimited,7,Digital,Juke,Slacker,Guvera,KKBox,Akazoo,AngHami,Spinlet,Yandex,Target Music - and the list keeps growing..lol.

New Music Store /Service added

Just a Note that Ive added my music to "Play Me" - Play.me is a web-app to listen to music on PC, Smartphone, Tablet and Smart TV. The music service offers an excellent selection of artists, updated top hits and channels that include several music genres. Play.me works like an on-air radio that allows the listening to a random sequence of songs by choosing among Artist Radios, Genre Radios, Editorial Radios or by searching the favorite artist or group. Radio or songs are sharable on Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Play.me also offers On Demand, which offers streaming and download of high-quality MP3 music on smartphones, tablets and PCs. With a large catalogue of over 9,5 million songs users can create their own playlists and share music with their friends. Play.me keeps users’ playlists, favorite artists and personal settings always synchronized on all devices. Play.me Territories (Where Music Sells) Play.me's On Demand Service is available in Italy Play.me's Radio Service is available in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain So Hello to fans in Italy,France,Germany,Spain !

Whats Happening ?

A few Fans have asked me what Ive been up to lately so here's the scoop. Ive been busy creating some new music for the New Album . My latest Track which I havnt posted just yet - is a Tribute to Jimmy Page . Ive always been a massive Zepplin fan - and I thought this would be somewhat of a Fitting Tribute tune. The Track itself is about a 10 minute Jam I did and is reminescint of Jimmy's work on "Ramble On" . It includes acoustic/electric guitar for rythym and lead and in true Jimmys style even some mandolin . So I think you'll like it . Of course I'll only be posting a shorter stream sample version of the song. Ive already posted a blog previously about the re-release of my "Lock N'Load album coming soon and I think I'll hold off on the rest of the news until later in the year . I'll be posting the new sample track Next week sometime. In the Meantime - Hope you're all having a Great Weekend -Ciao for now and Keep Rock'in !

You guys are amazing -Thank You so Much !

Hey just wanted to say a huge Thanks for all the Birthday wishes and the countless awesome compliments on my music and guitar playing, also would like to give a huge shout out to Niume on Twitter ! -Thanks man ! (Niume added you to list niume_official/epic-guitarists ) These type of fans are very cool and I am quite humbled by your admiration for my music/playing. Thats what makes making music so gratifying to musicians . I mean its a work of love in itself just to play guitar and create music...but when the fans respond in such a positive manner - it really is quite a humbling experience. Hope your New Years Eve Rocks !!!