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New album release Fan Merchandise

Heads up, Will be offering Fan merchandise to coincide with and accompany the release of the New album later this Year -merchandise will include T-shirts, Coffee Mugs,I-phone covers , and a whole variety of other cool items ...will keep you guys posted later this summer .

The Origins of "Out For Blood"

Ive been complimented on my track "Out For Blood" countless times and always very appreciative of all the compliments on it naturally, but occassionally ive been asked where did I get that Title from and whats the song supposed to be about ?

Well ive had a few women ask me if it had to do with Vampires - and I basically said it represents different things to different people - the songs meaning is really up to the listeners imagination really I guess. So whatever it means to you personally is all that counts .

at the time it meant different things to different people as I stated - 9/11 families seeking revenge and answers, fans of vampires and the blade movies, see what I mean ? ...lol

Anyways, Thanks for asking -always love to hear input,questions or comments from fans !

Have an awesome Week ahead !

My First Rap Track

Worked on a few songs today - one of which is a few Tracks done if the Rap/Rock flavor Genre....this track totally Rocks and is going to kick ass when released - Now if I can only find a local artist like Eminem to collaberate with to do the vocals and and put some lyrics to it - still have a few more Guitar track overdubs to do on it as well, but its starting to sound like quite the masterpiece if I do say so myself (Hard to remain modest when you can feel you have a real solid track on your hands..lol)

Going to be a great summer and this album is going to Rock - if just for this one track alone..lol...feelin it !

Twitter Verification

Hey Guys, Ive had a few people asking me about my Twitter account and wondering why my Page there hasnt been verified.

I have no control over any of that stuff as Twitter itself controls and dictates which accounts they verify and when - anyways, Ive linked my Twitter account to this Reverbnation page so you know I'm for real ...lol.

There may be some confusion to some due to the fact there is Jazz Musician out of Chicago also named Rob Mazurek as well - Ive encountered this same issue on I-Tunes with I-tunes staff confusing my music with his in regards to displaying albums (What a mess..lol)

Anyways, I think you can tell us apart okay...lol

Thanks for your comments and questions !

New Sample Stream Tracks

Hey guys, thought id check in , Been busy Hibernating with my guitar lately - working on some new tracks, posted a few new samples and will probably have more to come later on over the next few months.....check em out when you get a chance and say Hi !

I'll be sure to give you a shout back if I havnt fanned your page yet - please give me a few days though as Ive been super busy lately -Thanks and have an awesome week !!

KCEG Radio

Hey just wanted to let fellow unsigned artists know of a Great Radio station in North Dakota that plays unsigned Musicians original music live on the air in daily rotation - So if you have some great music that is of radio airplay quality that you would love heard - contact Mike at this website - http://www.kcegradio.com/

Future I-Tunes Pre-Order for New Album

Hey Guys, just wanted to drop a note on some news, Ive decided to use I-Tunes Pre-Orders for the next Album release (Later this Year) which will allow loyal fans exclusive VIP access and pricing as well as New instant gratification tracks as part of the I-tunes Pre-order process -meaning you will have access to buying the album before the official I-Tunes album release date !

- The bonus of this is that you also recieve special VIP fan pre-order sale pricing as opposed to full price album I-tunes price which will be offered at a later date after Pre-orders are closed to the public.

You can relax for now though as the album is stil in production and no pre-orders will occur yet for some time- but just wanted to give the fans a heads up that Pre-orders will be offered when the album is ready for release later this year.

I'll be sure to publicly post when the album is ready to go and when Pre-orders will be accepted complete with I-tunes links for orders once everything is ready to go later this year . In the meantime, I'll continue to post sample teaser track samples on my reverbnation page as the album progresses through its stages.

Stay tuned !

New Track "NO FEAR"

Posted a short Teaser Stream Sample of this track which will be on the new CD ("Time is up for the New World Order") later this year - Been Busy working on new material for this CD

- and Just wanted to add a special Thanks to those who dropped me e-mails,comments,compliments regarding my music - I make music Primarily for my own soulful satisfaction really - but its always nice to hear that others are fans and enjoy the music as well!

Be sure to fan my music pages and Check back for more New upcoming music tracks in the months ahead .

Spirits in the Night

Just Posted a short Sample of a New Track I'm working on - A work in Progress you can say for the new Album - its not finished or mastered as you can tell-this is just Rythym tracks &overdub so far, but gives you a short taste of the song . Hope you like it !

Thanks so much !!!

Just wanted to say a quick Thank you to the fans who dropped me compliments on my music -especially "Out For Blood" - Very Flattering words and No, I dont consider myself an amazing Guitarist at all.....especiallly compared to many of my Guitar heroes - But its always vey flattering and encouraging to hear such compliments...so Thanks again, You guys really inspire me to create more and better material ! - Have an Awesome Week !!!