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Music Promoters /contractual offers

Ive been recieving e-mails from a few Talent agencies Promoters and Managers - either looking to strike up management deals or book me for Live Festivals across Canada /U.S. .

Totally appreciate the attention and contacts - However I CURRENTLY self-managing myself - having just released my New album im comcentrating on Promo work - and due to other various committments right now - will not be entertaining any offers at the moment - but am open to hearing /discussing future contractual offers when time permits . Thank You !


Pre-Sales for the New Album "Time is Up For The New World Order' START in 24 Hours on I-Tunes and Google-Play !!! ....BUT you dont have to wait to pick up the Album Related Fan Merchandise - its available "RIGHT NOW" !!! - and its on sale too !!! ...but Hurray while the sale lasts ! ...YOU CAN GET IT AT - https://www.zazzle.com/robmazurekfan

Album Promo Ads

Last Minute album Promo ads will run next week on all major music websites *MTV,VH1,Rolling Stone,etc before I-Tunes Pre-sales start up (scheduled for July 14th- but may be a few days later ) with regular album sales starting August 9th on all major online music stores


Hey just wanted to let you know my New Single "Tag-You Lose" is now available on -I-Tunes,Spotify.Google-Play and a host of other online stores .


Hey guys be sure to follow me on instagram - I try my best to do Follow 4 Follow on there, so excuse me it takes me a few days to catch up ! -https://www.instagram.com/robmazurek/

Bonus Track on New Album

I have some really awesome fans - so being a guy who has a hard time putting the guitar down - I recorded another track which I am going to placing on the New Album -"Time is up For The New World Order" ...this track is called "Tag-You Lose" -I posted a short Stream Sample of it and will post more in the days ahead as well - the particular stream sample has synths and guitar rythym track on it - think you'll like it so far . Remember the New Album Pre-orders start July 14th with August 9th being the official I-Tunes Release ! ...Have an awesome Day !!!

60 Days until the Official Release !!!

Yes, Im getting hyped.. 60 days left until the Official Release of the New Album Globally with Pre-Sales starting July 14th on ITunes and Google Play !! Get Ready to Rock !!!

Thank You once again !

Thanks once again to all the great fans who keep supporting my music - since the release of my first album "Walking through the Darkside" in 2010 you guys have kept me in the Top 5 of the Local Rock Charts usually sitting at the number 2 or 3 spot and once again at number 2 this week ....so my deepest Thanks for your continuous ongoing and awesome support ! ....You guys Rock !


Okay here's the News - The Album is Finished and Ready to Go - The I-Tunes and Google-Play Pre-Order Dates Start on July 14th/2017 with the Official I-tunes Album Re;ease Date being August 9th /2017 ... Here is a Track List of the Album

1.) Cock Your Guns 2._ God & JFK 3.) Mean Woman Blues 4.)Time is Up For The New World Order 5.)Tranquility 6.)Haunting of The Dead 7.)MK Ultra 8.)The Machines are Alive 9.)Cyborg Assassin 10)Until We Meet Again 11.) You Cant Break Me 12) Just Another Psy-Op 13) New Dimension 14)On The Day of Reckoning 15) Champagne and Cavier 16) Shadow Stalker

New Album / Fan Merchandise is available at : https://www.zazzle.ca/robmazurekfan


My tracks for my New CD ‘Time is up for the New World Order” will be completed by June , however starting in the next week or two , and in the months ahead - Ill be doing some advanced Promo ads for the album - prior to the I-Tunes “Pre-release Sale” in July and the official Album Release in August . So you will probably spot my album ads plastered all over the web over the next few months periodically - mostly on entertainment, music websites like Rolling Stone , MTV,VH1,TMZ, Billboard, etc So hope you dont get sick of them ....just trying to build some Buzz up prior to the release date ..lol