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The Story of 333

The story of 3 Threes starts out before the songs, before the shows and takes us back to the three founding members. When starting hiphop there is almost a tradition that involves drinking and freestyling. Well, at least there was for us. Depending on where we were going it was one of the three apartment complexes we all lived in. On our freestyle journeys we relized every one of our apartments was the 3rd left from the front of each complex. After this realization we started noticing most great ideas or awsome musical advances took place at 3:33 am or pm. Also this is the 3rd configuration of the group NJC. The group is drawn together by the #3 in many was like for example the "Tech N9ne show" which at the time was our 3rd show in a venue. But here's the math. It was our 3rd show. It was tech 9 which is 3 3s ta equal 9 it's self. Plus it was the 6s and 7s tour which 6 is divisible by 3 and we are brought back to 333. Many things like this happen and will keep happening. So when you hear us mention 333 this is why.

Feels Good to be Back

Even tho it looks like I never left. I actually took a year break, I had a few things drop during that time. The "SupplyNDemand" project and some free singles gave me a few things to keep my self relavent . Also any indie rappers reading. While it is good to always be coming up with new material. If for some reason you hit a brick wall , it can help to retrieve all your material from new to old and make a page of all of it . Unless it is already done it is good idea to do this during a slow time . Reason being a lot of newer fans follow your most popular page and if you take songs they haven't heard that may be in different spots like older mixtapes or songs you made just for certain sites or contests it is brand new to your new fans and can help you stay relavent along with picking a promo device or devices you don't use and mastering them in your social networks during a slow time. Might not get you on MTV, But at least you won't die out. But now that I got some shit worked out. We got back in the studio and laid down vocals for the Up-coming song "Hell Hounds" and after so long . Getting back in the studio is such an amazing rush. Especially getting back to work with the one you started with. when you are at a point Lyrically,Structurally and Spiritually Where you can really put your all in I can't describe the Feeling Besides Saying " instantly gratifying ". That being Said . Stay Tune . Cause NJC is back Better,Stronger and incredibly Dedicated.

P.S Hell Hounds Hell Hounds Hell Hounds

A Short Story of Life

As a child my earliest memories are screaming and aggressiveness . My only memory of my parents together is my Dad holding a knife to my Mothers throat. My Father was a cheating, lying, abusive Scumbag. My Mother even tho she wasn't "Mom of the Year". She did everything in her power to keep Me and My Sister safe. I ended up inheriting Anger issues such as Manic Depression and Intermitted Explosive Disorder with a side of ADHD. Plus being the only white kid in Asbury Park NJ in the 80s I had my work cut out for me. Got kicked out of West Bangs Avenue Elementary School faster then I got in. That started a never ending cycle. At seven yrs old my Mom met my step pops. He was a drug addict and an alcaholic. Pretty much a good dude tho. He was in and outa jail and rehab and kicked the liquor and just smoked weed with occasional other stuff. So I ended up in and outa psych wards for my Violent Out bursts .Eventually got kicked out of my house and moved in with my Gma at 15 and my Mom bounced to Florida wit my step pops. My Gma helped me out in anyway she could. Do to my abandonment issues and the fact that the Drs I was forced to see having me heavily medicated I became an every-addict. Drinking,Smoking, selling and snorting my own medications I was given the name Pilz by about 15 yrs old. Surprisingly I managed to graduate high school. After that Women and Drugs became my vices. My psychotic Father stayed at my Gma's house. I tried ta make it through the craziness but after the Scumbag pulled a gun on me I left and tried to stay in Florida for a little. Again my color made me the minority,and with all the crime and drugs down there it just fueled my need for dysfunction .I do owe a thanks to Florida. I would never of started freestyling and Rapping anywhere else,but after the drug dealing , introduction to guns and getting into fights left and right I headed back to NJ. At this time I was in Jersey with nuttn but the clothes on my back. By My early 20s I became a heroin addict. I robbed people and sold Drugs to support my habits. This went on for about 2 yrs. After numerous arrests and some over-doses I finally ran out of chances and Went to jail for 2yrs ,went to rehab for 6 months and Came out on Drug court. After my release I Started taking rapping seriously,kept my nose clean and Graduated Drug court. Then I went through some fucked up shit . I Had a couple small slip ups wit drugs,but picked my self right up.Then about 2 yrs ago I started to feel very sick, my feet swelled up, my memory started to go, my organs and joints started to have horrific pain and after about a year of that I got diagnosed with lupus. Lupus is kinda crazy considering I didn't even know what it was at first. I started Rapping again and I am currently pushing my self everyday to chase my dreams no matter what happens. It's hard to do but if I stop then Lupus Wins.i am still fighting my addiction, but winning of corse,My mom got cancer,my step pops has Alzheimer's and my Gma is in the first stages of losing her mind. I have good friends making Music with me. I met a great Girl that really cares about me and has really helped me since I got diagnosed with the Lupus. I believe in god and believe that I have gone through all this and was given the talent to make Music so I can help people learn from everything I have been through.Yes things have been hard and maybe I didn't get to have the best childhood or even adulthood for that matter but I'm glad I know what I know. I'm not gunna be brought down by the negotive things . I will use them to educate my fans and fuel my motivation. P.S. I believe that everything happens for a reason as long as we don't fight against the progression.

Do You Believe In Magic?

I don't know if you believe in God, a Higher Power, or just the Emotional and Spiritual bond one shares with the Universe. Hell, I couldn't tell you exactly what I believe in. All I can tell you is whats been shown to me. From the things I've been through. To the people it seems are strategically put here to be in my life. Don't be oblivious and take everything for granted. I've been given a talent and the information to do great things. I love that I can create music. I am blessed to be given people to work with in my music career and home life that are down for me and have my back. If I took for granted something bigger than me putting my best friend, Band-mate and partner in Crime in my corner to help me make the right decisions and use the music to inspire and connect people to music with a message I would be Blind. Its not just throwing darts at a globe homies. We have talks about what directions to go in and the best way to give you a product that of course is a little raw and at times rugged, but at the end of the day so is life. We made a promise a long time ago (Me and Keith Roche)-NJC. That promise was to be honest and wear us on our sleeves. To take what we've been through and learned from the hands we were dealt and give you a product that's not only Dope but as real as it is entertaining. And we have lived by this promise from day one. It really keeps me going to know that the music is spreading and is also helping the people that hear it. Famous is one thing, but being related to, and watching people take the information and use it to help them through the things we had to and have to go through is amazing. We were famous the minute the hairs stood up on the back of your neck. Real people will understand what I just meant. So with that being said we are taking a little time and reaching into different parts of our lives. Whether its pain, Happiness, Fear or Love, we will be putting our all into this next NJC project. So be patient and use your heart and soul, cause everything happens for a reason. Even reading this happened for a reason. Thank all of our fans that stuck by us and all the new ones that have blessed us. Without our fans, we are just noise.