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Dead Ringer Breathes new Life iinto Denver Punk

By Tom Murphy Thursday, Jan 3 2013 The first album I got was Punk in Drublic," recalls Dead Ringer guitarist and vocalist Joel Rossi of his introduction to punk rock. "It changed my life. I think it changed everyone's life as far as punk rock goes. Honestly, before that, I was listening to Stone Temple Pilots and watching MTV's Headbanger's Ball and Nirvana. Then, all of a sudden, this clean, fast, hard, talented-sounding punk rock came out of nowhere." Read More http://www.westword.com/2013-01-03/music/dead-ringer-music-feature/full/

Dead Ringer Releases New Album Titled "Forward to Nothing"

Dead Ringer has finally released their new album titled "Forward To Nothing" Its been a long road for our band and we are thrille to release some new material. We are already at work to keep more coming

New Album

Dead Ringer is currently in the studio recording their EP tentatively titled Forward to Nothing