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Hmmm never really done a blog but ill give it a shot,I go by KiD ESCO or ESCO started Dream S.O.O.N. with the help of Sleep ah forget it i don't wanna get all into that so ill talk about today,well today I released my first video that I shot,of us having a session,don't know if people are even going to watch it or like it but at least Im doing something,20 hours in two days went into that video and my girl getting mad for ignoring her,so Im hoping its worth it,that all this work pays off,Im not looking for fame or even one of the richest person,but more into able to take care of myself,family and friends by doing something I love and dreamed of and helping others too...well i guess this is probably all i got for now so i guess ill write to you later esco. . .