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Nod release

We're releasing our record, "Nod", on Tuesday April 23rd. Some info: we recorded five songs (to tape!) at Inner Ear studios in March 2012. In April we recorded some some improvs and a little thing for string quartet at some friends studios in Baltimore. We took our time editing all the unplanned stuff with the planned stuff. Had it mixed by Mikko Goodhill (great dogs) in November and mastered by Drew Mazurek in January. This project took so long to get it to be what we had envisioned that I feel like I'm telling you about a friends album. Kabob-o-taj writes way different music now and has very different plans for a new EP this fall, but we are very proud of Nod and hope that you'll listen to it through headphones. If you read this, much love, hope to see you at a show...

First Blog Entry!

This is our first blog entry ever! We hope you have enjoyed our press kit so far... We are about to release our new album "Nod", which is being printed and pressed and should be available late march/early april. For now, enjoy our early release from that album, entitled "Mothmen". You can find it here or on soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/kabobotaj/mothmen#play ... Enjoy!