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On Our Album Puddles

We'd first like to thank Jimmy Williams for producing and engineering our album as well as contributing drums. Please check out his projects, Gazz and Sub Par All Star.

These songs were written from the years when Chad was 13-17. At the time of recording in late June 2011, Nick was 15 and Chad was 17.

"The Price of Freedom" and "Restless Sunday" are the oldest songs, and "Sieve" was the last song written before the recording of the album.

"Back to Who I Am" is a song Chad wrote in 10 minutes when he was 15 after a complicated "rejection" by a girl. It was mixed two years to the date of that "rejection."

These songs were meant to personify the different moods of the human psyche.


First Post on Reverbnation

Hi there,

We are Zen Dream. On bass, we have Nick S., and on guitar and lead vocals, we have Chad C. We're still getting used to the layout of our site, getting ready to put the finishing touches on our first album. It's a surprise for everyone except the online world.

This site's pretty cool. It's very useful. Check us out on facebook, too. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zen-Dream/152262161541620


Zen Dream