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The Arts are light years away from kids in school.

Schools find the arts unprofitable in bringing students to their academic potential. What happened to common sense and the goals of education as stated by the education department in previous years (NYC). Yes, the Board of education use to train teachers and administrators on what education was supposed to do for students. The goals would actually be listed as follows To build a value for: life long learning, appreciation of the arts, economic and social relationships, physical fitness, cultural appreciation and the appreciation of other cultures, citizenship, self respect and respect for others, science, history and the academics. There are more but you probably get my drift. What ever happen to the arts in this equation? It was lost when the focus was given to training instead of educating. This is why students find school boring. There is no emphasis on music and the arts. More than half of all students have inadequate achievement levels. Research in education has verified for many years that kids involved in music and the arts always have higher achievement. It gives them study, discipline, life long learning and a value for creativity. Once we are able to get our priorities in order theentire society will benefit.