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Bootlegging, Downloading and Music Pirates.

Thought I'd write a wee bit about my views on music downloading today as I guess it's a taboo within the consumers of the music industry still and wanted to get across my view of the subject as a musician.

First of all, I understand like any other musician how hard it is to create and maintain a fanbase for your own music, even much so as a skint musician. Thus I understand, how much of an added bonus it is when a musician not only manages to gain interest in doing what they love but also is able to make a livelihood from doing so. However, when it comes to music piracy I am very much more laidbac k with who my music is shared with and how it is being shared.

I think as a starting out or up and coming musician you kind of have to be. For example, I offer my songs for download at a price because yeah, let's be honest, if I can make some money out of what I am doing even better but I also am happy to share my music for free streaming and download whenever it is requested for. I guess I am happy for any fans to share my music with others even though I do not make a cut out of it and I will tell you why.

At this point in my career I can't really be fussy as to who is and who isn't listening to my music. In general the more listening the better and in regards to selling music, I know, personally as a fan of music, I am far more likely to listen to a new band for free than download one song for 99p that I may or may not like at the end of the day.

The more listeners I have, the more opportunity I have for people to attend my gigs and therefore the more likely I am to book paid gigs which in turn makes me more money in the future than ten people downloading a track, not liking it and me having difficulty encouraging people to give it a listen.

The real fans I feel will always be happy to support the artist and shell out the 99p or whatever anyways as a show of appreciation for what the artist does.

I understand as a band gets bigger they are losing out on the opportunity to make money from their music when piracy comes into play but I would also argue however, this is the point where you begin to query whether the artist is in it for the cash prize for the art's sake.

I know I will always continue to make music whether being in my shitty part time job or making relevant income from it. I don't really put a price on what I do. So long as I enjoy it and if other people are enjoying it even better.

So for now and the unforeseeable future please feel free to spread my music faster than herpes, you are actually doing me a favour and if you prefer to buy it then you can do so too, I am not adverse to either.

Plagiarize my music however and that's a different matter altogether.