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14 guitarists collaboration !

Invited to play with 14 guitarists on the standard Sunny, great experience ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vo8voIL0Ps0

Gone rockin all over the world !

New Album available 12 new songs album on Reverb and Soundcloud. The first song is a rockn'roll collab with Scally Blackwell. Rock on my friends !

3 new songs online

I've posted 3 new songs for the beginning of the year 2015 A country rock song, This girl is not for you where I play all instruments and sing, This Road, a song composed with E Rossi and His Kingdom, a reggae song in collaboration with Larry Lefhook. Hope you like, thanks for the listening and support ! ChavilbuS

5 new songs on my Reverbnation Page

I've posted 5 new songs on my Reverbnation home page. Personnal compos like "Nothing better" and "Dark and Distant Shore", "NewBegining", a collaboration with the rifflink junkies, "The Land of the man" with Fred Torpedo Stage and a guitar instrumental collab with my friends Ian and Colin. Hope you enjoy !

New collaboration with my friends of riffworld

All begins with a two tracks of slide in open E. Lefthook wrote the lyrics and sing, I answer Musicayn to add organ and piano, he had the idea of a capella singalong, Macdaddy have added lapsteel and vocals, Cwight and Cool jammer added guitars licks and fills, I've played the bass, harp and all the acoustics guitars. Listen until the end to hear the junkies choir :-) Hope you enjoy. Thanks to Larry, Jim, Mark, Colin and Ed to have help me to make this song !

Don't close your eyes : a new song published

I've composed and recorded a new song in collaboration with a New York Lyricist, Fiona Mc Ewen, thanks to listen !

We're on the front page off Riffworld

Captain crunchy blues, a blues jam collaboration with my friens of riffworld posted by Metal 7 http://www.riffworld.com/ Thanks to listen

Collaborations with Fred "Torpedo Stage"

We have composed two songs recently and have recorded collab with Riffworks. Thanks to Listen : http://www.riffworld.com/Members/chavilbus/letmeinletmeout http://www.riffworld.com/Members/chavilbus/insomnies

Riffworld community

Riffworks is a tool fr musicians community. I collaborate with some artists all over the world in some project. You can hear them in my site ("tagged collab") Thanks for listening !