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Cosmic Rockery

Greetings fellow space/time travelers! Reverbnation has cheerfully informed me I've made the top 10 in Berlin as a "pop" artist. They been so kind as to encourage me to sign up for some sort of free publicity campaign to promote a song or such. I coulda shoulda picked "Fuzzchild," something that kids of all shapes and sufferings might enjoy, but Ive gone instead with "Cosmic Rockery," one of the thumpiest, clumsiest and weirdest pop songs I've got. It's a track I've nearly forgotten about, but I'm listening to it right now and am quite pleased to have birthed such a one-off freak scene of a track. I always see myself as "meant for the mainstream." Millions of teary-eyed Korean girls weeping the words to "Heather Song" and that. But given that we've just made it through our first 2012, third-eyes intact and maybe even slightly opened, "Cosmic Rockery" is the rite song for the moment, I say. The days spent getting the drums right sent me to the chiropractor but Greg Brown's amazing guitar line is the air that fills the bubble, ja. I can barely remember writing this song, but I know it was me in the first flush of Krautrock lust. I hope you enjoy it, I really do. If it's too un-soft, then click a few dots down to "Heather" or such. It's all part of the big bag. And clearly, I have no clue as to how I should properly be doing anything, so I'll just carry on doing whatever comes along. Guten innit!

I left the oven on, thankfully nobody was home...

Dear diary - I'm feeling so woeful about popular music this morning. It's as if all the best songs of the Archies never happened. I have nothing against Adele or the unpleasant sound of her music, say, but where's the sugar? Is it so wrong to ask for sugar?