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New video in the making! Fall 2014

Im still promoting my latest album Hold the Torch that you can find on itunes and CDBaby, along with doing some shows with my friends MOS and Knobody and my brother Cam and Son Mic Anthony. I have been working on a video for the song "Get up", it will feature my youngest son and the rest of the FantastikFam Music crew! special shout out to the homie CJVJ for doing the film and editing for me. Its been fun filming so far and still have some more takes to do, oh yeah and lots of graff and hip hop elements represented as to be expected from a multi-talented artist like myself Peace, Nac One.

Nac One shows Jan. 2014

Yes Yes y'all Im back once again! It's Nac One with a new project "Hold the Torch" available now! and I am promoting my album with two parties to start out the New Year season. The first is going to spark off at the Jambalaya 915 H. St. Arcata. Friday,January 17th 2014. Featuring performances by: Nac One and DJ M, Hiway, Flo J. Simpson and DJ Eclectic, Mischief Mic, Cam, Professor Funk,DJ Choc Won hosted by Sargent Slawta. Then the next friday I will be in my old stomping grounds B-town Nac One's "Hold the Torch" album release party Berkeley @ ClouD 9 1320 9th St. Berkeley Ca. Featuring live performances by: NAC ONE & DJ GIGS ONE, DUB ESQUIRE, SIR WEALTHY, FLO J. SIMPSON, MISCHIEF MIC, SARGE AND DJ RIDIM CAM OF FANTASTIK FAM, DJ KOOL KYLE the legendary DJ CJ FLASH HOSTED BY BAS-ONE All my Bay Fam come out and support!!

Preperation for success

My Father the Legendary Jazz Tenor Saxophone player Vince Wallace told me " You must practice at least 20 minutes a day in order to master your craft" , "even if you feel sick, or your not in the mood." This is how the real legends get down and Ive always taken this to heart. I also remember the lessons from DJ Rakus during the FSC practice sessions and how he heard about James Brown making his band members pay when they played off beat or out of key. So when we trained on our lyrics we took on the aesthetic of real musicians as emcees. I believe the true key to success is knowing your music, having it engrained in your soul so when your performing you are creating an actual experience. Big up to all the true artist who have mastered their craft as an example of excellence for the world. Nac One