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Back At It

What up y'all?! We back at it after 3 years off, new shit comin' out fast so keep up and be ready!

Big plans

Hope ya'll weren't sleepin on us. We got big plans in the works so make sure you #staytuned. New videos, new tracks, new reach, same swag. #GetReady

Syracuse, Stand Up!

Get ya game faces on n rep yo city! It's March madness time and we got the music to get ya hyped! Check out the 2012 anthem - CuseTown! http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_12424773

Cuse 2012 Bball anthem

We're currently recording what we are sure will be the 2012 Cuse Bball postseason anthem. All the Cuse fans get ready, n all ya haters - watch out. StillCheezin bringin the March madness!

CD available!

'Mic Check 01.02.12' now available on CD! Click the 'Gear Up!' link on the home page to get yours! It's FREE, just pay S&H! More items coming very soon! Appreciate the support!

Cop the CD

'Mic Check 01.02.12' will be available on CD next week! We are giving them away for free! Just pay S&H... Ya gotta bump it in the whip!


The debut mixtape has arrived. Check it out, and check it out again...and again - you'll want to. Mic Check!

Get Ready!

Music video is complete - check it out! Mixtape will be droppin Monday!

Double Homicide

Wrappin up the 'Double Homicide' video tonight n tomorrow! Comin to your screen New Year's Day.. BeenCheezin StillCheezin..Get Ready!

Less than 2 weeks!

Mixtape drops in less than 2 weeks! First official music video 'Double Homicide' droppin Jan 1st! Save some time to go thru these tracks.. They include some of your favorite beats from the past n some of the hottest tracks from today...Get Ready!