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Moving on in to 2017 my calendar is starting to fill up got 9 or 10 gigs booked so far.The first batch are at the end of Feb. Mardi Gras gigs. A private party and two at Zydeco's in Mooresville.

Found a new harp repair guy, Mike Peace out of Tulsa. Sent off 9 harps in disrepair and got them back in a few weeks. They all sound great.

Got a new PA system Fishman sa 330x clear clean sound and very light weight. Matt's been working alot so I have been playing some solo gigs. Been working on some more Cajun tunes for Mardi Gras. Just wanted to post a little update. Grace and Peace, Bill


Had a great night at Squealer's last Thursday with Family and Friends. We have been playing there 1st and 3rd Thursdays though-out the summer and have been asked to continue on thru November.. Although the crowds have been somewhat small they have been appreciative and we have made some friends. Look forward to playing there into the fall months. Thanks to those who have come out and supported us! Peace


Had a great night at Zydeco's last Sat. Matt broke out his electric upright bass and washboard. Great crowd at a great venue.

Rosa's Lounge

Just got back from a great weekend in Chicago. Rosa's Lounge Sat. night line up was Billy Branch, Guy Davis, Corey Harris, Sugar Blue and Company. "Stlll ringing in my head"


Played a benefit concert downtown yesterday for cystic fibrosis. The wind was brutal but there was a great turn out for a great cause.


it's bad you know

Great Year for Big Bill Taylor

It's been a good year for my solo gigs. I've played a few less than 2010 but better venues. I'm continuing to develop the one man blues band thing but have had great fun when Matt or Andy has joined me. Saints and Strangers have transitioned to be able to switch between a cover band and an all original band to play some different venues. I'm looking forward to 2012. I've already been working on some promotional material and I am going to try to capture some live recordings/videos. Thanks to everyone that has come to the shows, joined the mailing list and have been supportive in 2011.