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Reverbnation and Talent

I have spent several months promoting this band on ReverbNation, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Although its fun to watch your position increase in your area and your country, I really haven't fond a reason to continue keeping myself married to this website. It seems to work more on networking and zero on talent. I have seen dome really horrible acts holding number one positions due to their networking skills. I honestly dont believe any serious record label or promoter will look so deeply into reverbnation with all the garbage holding top spots. Dont get me wrong, there are many many great acts here. I have watched my band start at the bottom of my city, go to the top there, go to the top in my country and in the top 100 in the world. All because of networking and not because people seriously think we are a good band. I have watched myself as a singer/songwriter go from the lowest spot to #5 in the world. (currently #7 - not because of someone more talented as a songwriter but because someone has more time to spend working on his computer that I do.) So, we will back off with so much networking for a while and concentrate more on our local fan base. (The ones who come to the shows and spend the money) We will drop in the charts but not because we became less talented. Thanks to everyone for playing our music. I will continue to upload new music for everyone to listen to. Thanks from all of us Jesse, Rummell and Iam.

Cover tunes

I love many types of music. i enjoy playing many of my favorite songs. But, I see so many bands that try to cover every note, exactly like the original (excluding tribute bands), on every song. while this shows lots of talent, it shows no originality. i would rather hear an original new sound to an old cover tune, than a carbon copy of the original recording.i have seen so many superstars in concert that dont even play their own songs exactly like they were recorded. Although there are those that do recreated their songs live, exactly, but thats ok. its THEIR song. At a JRI show, we do many covers, but none of them are exact copies. some are completely different, as we explore new ways to play old songs. some are similar to the original. Its only my opinion, but I would rather someone play from their heart or their soul, rather from a book, or chart sheet. So what I am saying is : Be creative. the majority of your audiences wouldn't know it if you changed a few notes or not. Take a few chances, it might make you stand out among all the many others out there!! Keep rockin' - JRI

Sam C
Sam C  (about 5 years ago)

Well said!!!Your absolutely right.Did you by chance catch John Mayer at the 2010 Chicago crossroads,put on by Eric Clapton?He did 'Aint no Sunshine' and he owned it!!!It is a good example.Have a great weekend!!!!