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11/7/10 03:23 (edit)

As the drunk woman out side my flat screams at the top of her voice about something to do with being on the dole,and the tires of a car screech away,the fly on my tv has what can only be described as 'a whale of a time' i write this 6 month (a month late) update. what have we done this year so far?well,compared to some bands,not much. played a few gigs,all of which have been fantasic.We played at the Spirit of Rebirth gathering with The Dolmen in Dorset,which was amazing.there was alot of people in a field about 5 mins outside of Weymouth. everyone was dancing,singing and drinking.couldn't believe how well we went down.The Dolmen have told us about other gigs they would love us to get on the bill with,so of course we will follow that up. We also have played a few local gigs which have also been great.gone down very well and made sure everyone has had a good time,which they did,and thats is always good.We played Porterfest (my birthday) which to be fair was a drunken mess,but an enjoyable mess none the less! which leads me to the future.so back to the point at hand.the update.after recording our live EP in ryans bar we have recieved nothing but good comments,which as a band i can tell you is very uplifting.makes it all a bit more worth while.we do have a difficult hurdle to get over though,the second EP.I cant promise anything as we cant decide what we want. We enjoy playing live and feel that we shine when we do.which is why it seems fitting to do another live EP rather than go into a studio. I believe that is all i can tell you at the moment. so as i roll my next cigarette,drink my ammeretto to the bottom of my england world cup tankard,and the clock ticks over to 3:10am,i bid you farewell for now. I thank everyone who has turned up to a show and enjoyed themselves,the band really do appreciate it,we generally dont charge for gigs or get paid very little so the thought that we can entertain people in such a way that we have is an uplifting and positive thought.I can only hope that this all continues.It has never been about money or fame.We are all just looking for a party.remember,we are not on this earth for a long time,but we are here for a good time. on behalf of the band,i thank you and hope you enjoy everything else that we do. thank you