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Hello everyone! I am happy to report that my new EP 'Elemental' is now complete. The first single to be released was posted this week. It received more than 70 plays within the first 24 hours. I am humbled by that response to the first song I have posted to my site since last year. The song is on bandcamp.com for sale, as well as in my Reverb store. Please support my effort by purchasing a copy if you like what you hear. Your support will ensure that more material will be shared in future months! I am excited to share this music with everyone and I'm looking for some feedback from my fans and fellow musicians! ROCK ON! John Dzubiak


Studio session rehearsals were thrown off schedule for the past couple of weeks. Although we did manage to get together to work on material here and there, Rick and I took some time off to celebrate the season with family and friends. Now that the holidays are behind us, we are both eager to get back to work preparing for the studio sessions. Everything is still on track and moving forward as planned!

Through ReverbNation networking, I discovered a singer from Alabama about a month ago. She is a versatile singer touching on Rock, Blues, Country, and Euro Techno genres. We became fans of each other's work and decided to collaborate on some material to see what would happen. I'm pleased to announce that the project is off to an amazing start with plans on releasing songs in the near future. Be on the lookout for new material by John Dzubiak and Shelia King very soon!

It has been a busy month since my last post, but I have been enjoying the wild ride! Work continues on multiple fronts with regards to my instrumental album, as well as this new project with Shelia. The stars are aligned and 2014 is starting off with a bang. Phase two is still in full swing, but more updates will be shared as work continues with my instrumental album preparation, and the new project with Shelia. Exciting things are happening... stay tuned!!!

Phase Two

And so it begins! Work started with the drummer this weekend. I've played with this guy for the last year and a half in my previous band. I've know Rick Culbertson since my teen years and we grew up in the same neighborhood. Although we were both musicians, we never tried to playing together in a group. We jammed a few times over the years, but nothing serious ever came of it. Rick has the ability to raise my standard of playing and brings out the best in me, which is so hard to find!

Our influences are similar and we do have a great chemistry when it comes to creating music. It was a great start this weekend and I can tell after one session that it won't take long for us to prepare for the studio sessions.

A weekend full of creativity and forward momentum... Full steam ahead!

Home Stretch

I have to say that the last week has been extremely productive and I am happy to report that all rough tracks are done, the track list is complete. I have picked the drummer for my project and he has accepted the task. We will start working on the new material very soon. Target date for studio work is late February, early March. So far so good!

Thanks to all my fans for the humbling comments regarding my work. The best has yet to come! Stay Tuned...

Writing Is The Hardest Part

And all this time I thought it was the waiting! The second week of writing has been more challenging than the first. Last week's track flowed out almost effortlessly. This week's song has a complicated rhythm and finding that perfect melody line has been elusive... until this morning! Should have it wrapped up by the end of the week and starting on the next track this weekend... exciting stuff!!!!

Most of the material is already written, it's just a matter of finalizing some pieces here and there. My goal is to have this stage completed by the end of December. I'm planning on eight tracks for this project, but that could change depending on how long they become once the final recordings are complete. The first few weeks have been moving along as planned... can't be happier with the results so far!

The timeline has been set and the concept is just about complete. A few more weeks of writing will bring me to the next stage, sharing the work with those who will help me with the final recordings. More updates to come as additional progress is made in the upcoming weeks.

John D

New Song

To celebrate my recent 2 week stint at number 1 on the Rock charts for Richmond, I will post a new song soon! Thanks to everyone for their continued support in listening to my music and sharing it with others! ReverbNation is a band of brothers and sisters!

Much thanks to all, John