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Opening up fo Dappy

Wow what can i say, This week has been an eventfull week! I opend up for Dappy @club neo last friday! We Smashed it! They were a really good crowd. And got to hang with the man him self, not only that he invited us to come by his studio and meet the team! I was a bit sceptical to say the least but he called us a couple days later and said to come through! To be honest Dapps is a genius and all his team, and to top it all off he is a really cool guy! Ive met other succesfull recording artists before! But no one ive met before has been as Real as this Brudda! He even took time out to advise me and help me with my mixtape! So Its been a crazy sureal week! Any way Big up Dappy #Dukugang Blessed peep! I ill keep you posted! :)


WOW what can I say, we smashed the gig @ club neo, check the video on here! they were a great crowd and I cant wait to get back there! working on sm new tracks for you guys with some intresting samples! enjoy the vids new music coming soon! Blessed! :)

Christmas period!

Ok hope every one had a good christmas! mine was good, but now im broke and got loads of things to pay for lool, the usual aftermath of christmass then! Havent been in the studio for a couple of weeks, as Ben my producer has been quite ill. But will hopefully be back in this week, and to be honest ive been quite lazy on the music forefornt. Havent worked as hard as i could have and so forth. So now i need to get on top of my game and get my head back in the music! New years eve soon so party time is stoping after that. Let the hard work commence! :)

Whats been happening!

Yes whats good people! hope you like the music on this app and dont forget to share with your freinds. At this moment in time I am working on my first debute album, with production duo the optimists. I look forward to you hearing our new tunes like "Captions" "when the sun goes down" and "weekend", any way stay tuned in for all the recent info,and i will do my best to keep the music fresh and exciteing, Oh and dont forget to share share share! Blessed!