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Cover Artist Speaks

We are all excited about the upcoming August 30th release of “Ghostrain’s” second album, “Eulogy for the Living.” To wet your appetite a little, we are releasing the cover art and some information about the artist, Buckner Sutter. Buckner is a Minnesota photographer and digital artist who explores the worlds that exist between the real and imagined. Buckner says “Our experiences and lives can be quite foreign to one another but our dream worlds are somehow very familiar. “Art reflecting upon this dream place resonates and comforts, having a sense of personal relevance, a landscape terrain or place we feel we have been before but at the same time seems paradoxically strange and haunting.” We feel that this cover conveys the quiet and reflection that some of the lyrics provoke but also presents a calm before the music within is released and the barebacked ride begins. We certainly want to thank Buckner for sharing his art with our project and look forward to the release show.

Ghostrain signs to Backyard Records!

Ghostrain is super excited to announce we have signed with Backyard Records! We feel they are a label that is committed to working with independent artists and we can't wait to get to work with them on our upcoming CD. Go check 'em out at- www.backyardrecords.net

Enigma Magazine Interview with Ghostrain

Want to peer into the deep, dark, recesses of Ghostrains soul? Check out the interview and other cool stuff with Enigma magazine - http://enigmaonline.com

Alzheimer's Music Fest - 120 Tavern

We had a blast playing yesterday. Kudos to Lou Raimondi for some great shots and Kelleye and Vince for the awesome job they did.

Beth Kelley Photography

Thanks so much to Beth Kelley for coming out and taking such cool shots. http://www.bethkelleyphotography.com/


We spent all weekend in the studio of Chris Griffin. Really excited about the songs and can't wait to share them with everybody.